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Why should we consider wealth inequality within the middle class as a negative?

Of course, it makes sense why poverty should be avoided, and there are issues with a group of people being able to control the flow of resources through society (elites), but what about wealth inequality within the middle class? Is equality necessarily the best condition?

When it comes down to it, new technology is almost always far more expensive than existing technology. However, because there are people with "too much money on their hands", someone is around to purchase such technology. This gives the initial capital necessary to continue the development and production of these technologies and thus allow them to eventually decrease in price enough for them to become common place.

For clarification, by middle class, I do not mean those having a certain income or level of wealth. By middle class I mean those who are actively part of the consumer-producer complex: the core of the free market capitalist system.

References to how I view class stratification:


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  • Dec 16 2013: In “How to balance inequality” on Youtube, A few calls to a friend in the White House about an inheritance cap to let people redistribute their wealth fairly, realigns man's mission here with his natural, higher purpose.
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      Dec 16 2013: You posted the same comment on two separate topics. In neither case does your comment really do much to actually move the discussion forward. However, it is slightly less off topic on this question, and so I only flagged your other comment.

      So this is a video about how to "balance inequality", but does it answer the question of "should we" and why?

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