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Why should we consider wealth inequality within the middle class as a negative?

Of course, it makes sense why poverty should be avoided, and there are issues with a group of people being able to control the flow of resources through society (elites), but what about wealth inequality within the middle class? Is equality necessarily the best condition?

When it comes down to it, new technology is almost always far more expensive than existing technology. However, because there are people with "too much money on their hands", someone is around to purchase such technology. This gives the initial capital necessary to continue the development and production of these technologies and thus allow them to eventually decrease in price enough for them to become common place.

For clarification, by middle class, I do not mean those having a certain income or level of wealth. By middle class I mean those who are actively part of the consumer-producer complex: the core of the free market capitalist system.

References to how I view class stratification:


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  • Dec 13 2013: Sorry for the tangents Dan......
    There is wealth accumulation.
    There is wealth aggregation.

    I believe what people are concerned about is not Income Inequality but rather the DEGREE or SEVERITY of the inequality.

    you seem to be claiming that wealth inequality, AS IT EXISTS TODAY, is POSITIVE and perhaps NECESSARY.
    Is that your broader claim?
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      Dec 13 2013: It's fine. Often I find that people go off on tangents because they have little knowledge on the topic or simply cannot form a logical argument. However, in your case, I think it's simply that you are exceedingly passionate about the topic.

      "you seem to be claiming that wealth inequality, AS IT EXISTS TODAY, is POSITIVE and perhaps NECESSARY."

      Actually, as it exists today, wealth inequality is unhealthy, but more so, the ability that the few elites in our society have to control resources is far too great. So let me clarify what I mean a little bit. I already mentioned my view on the middle class as the core of free market capitalism and that the middle class should simply be thought of as the consumer-producer complex. (1, 2)

      So instead of saying that wealth inequality is positive and necessary, I will say that wealth inequality within the middle class is generally positive and might be necessary.

      1. http://politicoid.us/blog/archives/17
      2. http://politicoid.us/blog/archives/919
      • Dec 13 2013: I dig it. What is the trajectory of this middle class? On the upswing? On the downswing?
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          Dec 13 2013: If you're asking how the middle class, as I define it, stands today, I would say that it is being crushed by government forces on behalf of corrupt elitist interests, but again, we're moving off topic.

          So again, while those within the middle class are producers and consumers, those who have the ability to spend more than the norm are the ones who drive the funding for new technologies.
      • Dec 13 2013: Bingo. And who are these elitists with their arm firmly up the puppet of government?
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          Dec 13 2013: The elites are those who have the power to control the resources through society. That is the definition I use for someone who is an elite. Those people are generally the ones who have direct connections to those within government, especially the federal government, since government is the primary force by which resources are controlled. The elites thus have power over where tax money goes, subsidies, bailouts, etc.

          However again, you are moving off on a tangent. Your current line of questioning does nothing to answer the original question.
      • Dec 13 2013: Forgive me again por favor. I suffer from attention issues....mildly. I do indeed stray. Reflecting back, I can't help but wonder if the question might be superseded by the mutual acknowledgement that the middle class is rapidly rapidly shrinking. Any effective demand for 'change' would have to be brought by this middle class. The ones 'below' are powerless and the ones above.......well, they don't quite feel the pinch.

        If I may pose a question: what is to be done?
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          Dec 13 2013: Yes; the middle class is rapidly shrinking, but that does not change the nature of this question in any way. Yes; something should be done about the middle class shrinking, but again, that is not what this question is about. Perhaps if you would like to address that topic, you should post the question yourself and I will be happy to give possible solutions to that problem at that time.

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