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Do the top predators need to be managed?

Do whales need to be controlled to ensure healthy populations of other species down the trophic cascade and, if not, how are their numbers regulated?

What about wolves? Or, indeed any other top predator?

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    Dec 12 2013: If we talk about top predators, we should probably start with us humans and not with whales.
  • Dec 12 2013: thats a good question top predators do need to e mananged why because animals like wolves eat meat and wolves might eat something else instead of meat like the grass or crops on a farm these animals need to managed by professional people like zoo keepers
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    Dec 11 2013: evie, I would imagine you wanted more time of this? You can click "edit" and add more time, up to 30 days. Right now you have 16 hours.
  • Dec 11 2013: OK Thank you.
  • Dec 11 2013: sorry to show complete ignorance re the whale's diet! but how DO top predators control their own populations without undermining pop. health of creatures/plants they feed on?

    and second question, although rewilding appeals, how would such areas co-exist alongside farmland or other managed/husbanded areas? there seems to be much conflict now with the fewer species we already have!
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        Dec 11 2013: have people ever eaten wolf meat?