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How is learning, by definition, affected by the current education system? Positive/negative effects?

I have a conflicted view on the current education systems that are available.I am a new parent and cannot help but wonder just how great of an effect an educational system will end up having on a child. This has led me to explore some questions and I would like to know what is currently taking shape out there that addresses this concern. I am curious what solutions and ideas people in the Ted Community have tried professionally, and to hear from successful outliers who have taken their own path of education and learning.

- What methods have failed and why?
- If you have a successful model what is/was/could it be limited by?
- Should the model for learning and thinking be as linear as it is?
- Is there any proof that the current system is the most effective?
- Are standardized tests learning aids, and do they encourage or discourage growth?
- If you have been extremely successful, without attending College, High School or any other traditional means of education, what were the most important moments during the age of 15-25 that determined your success or failure?
- Are innovators, creators and independent thinkers encouraged in the current educational landscape?

I look forward to exploring this topic with those who are interested in it.


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    Dec 17 2013: Hi keith,
    In India our education system is like that "So,you are different types of animal(Snake,Fish,Elephant,Monkey,Lion) , but i don't have an issue,Everyone must climb the tree to success the exam"

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