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Let's use music to reinvent education

I can hear a song from 30 yrs. ago and find myself singing along, remembering all the lyrics. I cannot however, remember what I learned in physics or math classes back in the day.
As the parent of a child who does not fit the classical teaching model (not a linear learner), the struggles have been heartbreaking for me to watch, since elementary school. Now in High School, I am worried about her lack of ability in math, but more than that, the stress each test causes her is, I feel unnecessary, if I could find a method which would help her. A brilliant artist, I see her creativity and self-esteem fading fast. So I worry she won't be able to pursue her desired career due to a 'hate' (yes, hate) of school.


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  • Dec 11 2013: Let her drop out if she so desires. With more freedom she will develop her art on her own, if she really loves it. If she's considering studying at a university in the future, let her be homeschooled (there are forms of homeschooling, such as online schools, that don't require a stay-at-home parent and aren't very expensive).

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