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Ex offenders into employment? (sex offenders and serious violence excuded)

Providing ex offenders with opportunities into work makes sense.It takes them off the cycle of crime,reduces the number of victims and enhances the economy.In the UK reoffending alone cost £11 Billion in 2010 and to ignore this would be insane.By challenging lifestyles,putting in place interventions and sending offenders out into society as workers,surely makes more sense than simply warehousing them and sending them out the same as when they came in to prison.


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    Dec 14 2013: I think with all Government policies the problem is they are blanket policies and a blunt sword, and always cause winners and losers in the grey areas at the peripheral edges, often to the exclusion of common sense. Ex-offenders need a much more individually tailored process to take into account individual circumstance's. In my opinion all serious crimes are not equal and that it follows that the perpetrators and their potential are not equal as well. But that approach requires serious investment and manpower. If I were a business owner, I certainly wouldn't consider employing an ex-offender in preference to a young enthusiastic university graduate for instance, on the word of a probation officer alone. But in the spirit of innovation, which incidentally I think is the actual purpose of TED, maybe an insurance programme, funded by the Government, to provide financial cover for ex-offenders to businesses to cover the liability and risk of re-offending, would go a long way to convince businesses that the risk to reward ratio is worth considering.

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