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What are your pet peeves?

I have a number of pet peeves. A large number.

I am...mobility challenged. When I go into a public restroom, I have to use the "handicap facility". So, I am waiting impatiently for it, out comes a young man with no apparent handicap, even though there are several regular facilities available.
I was peeved. Until someone pointed out that they may have had a mental handicap, unable to understand.

On every car, there is a little lever on the side of the steering column that is supposed to be used to signal other drivers of your intention to change lanes.
It is never used...well almost never. I have been surprised, no, shocked when a driver in another lane has signaled me that he is moving into my lane... it's like winning at a lottery.

I have others, too many to list...

like leaving lights on in unused rooms...

doors open when the furnace is running...

throwing trash out the car windows...

Cats! I am allergic and people have cats running free, cats come to my back door and sit on the patio table where I have my morning coffee... The peeve? My wife won't let me buy a pit bull dog.

What are your pet peeves? Do you have some? Are you willing to share?
Are mine more peevish then yours?

How about silly TED conversations?


Closing Statement from Mike Colera

I had thought there would be more pet peeves among TED conversationalists... When reading many conversations, I found peevish replies in addition to my own. But, I guess I was wrong. And this is another peeve of mine... I am wrong more often then I would like.
Thank You to those who participated...

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  • Dec 21 2013: People that use the word "literally" for something that isn't literal.
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      Dec 22 2013: Alex,
      You can expand your view of incorrect usage... there are thousand of words that fall into that category.
      One of my favorite group peeves are malapropisms...
      Oh! how do you feel about... there and their or were and where or, or, or...

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