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What are your pet peeves?

I have a number of pet peeves. A large number.

I am...mobility challenged. When I go into a public restroom, I have to use the "handicap facility". So, I am waiting impatiently for it, out comes a young man with no apparent handicap, even though there are several regular facilities available.
I was peeved. Until someone pointed out that they may have had a mental handicap, unable to understand.

On every car, there is a little lever on the side of the steering column that is supposed to be used to signal other drivers of your intention to change lanes.
It is never used...well almost never. I have been surprised, no, shocked when a driver in another lane has signaled me that he is moving into my lane... it's like winning at a lottery.

I have others, too many to list...

like leaving lights on in unused rooms...

doors open when the furnace is running...

throwing trash out the car windows...

Cats! I am allergic and people have cats running free, cats come to my back door and sit on the patio table where I have my morning coffee... The peeve? My wife won't let me buy a pit bull dog.

What are your pet peeves? Do you have some? Are you willing to share?
Are mine more peevish then yours?

How about silly TED conversations?

Closing Statement from Mike Colera

I had thought there would be more pet peeves among TED conversationalists... When reading many conversations, I found peevish replies in addition to my own. But, I guess I was wrong. And this is another peeve of mine... I am wrong more often then I would like.
Thank You to those who participated...

  • Dec 13 2013: I find it difficult to complain for all I have to do is turn my eyes to others to witness more difficult hardships then my own, and I have been disabled my whole life time.
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      Dec 14 2013: I am sorry for your situation. I can sympathize since I have been "challenged " for the last several years my self. I appreciate the first 60 years more now the ever.
      But, I don't see peeves as hardships or complainants about hardships.
      I am annoyed by people who are inconsiderate or uncaring.
  • Dec 21 2013: People that use the word "literally" for something that isn't literal.
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      Dec 22 2013: Alex,
      You can expand your view of incorrect usage... there are thousand of words that fall into that category.
      One of my favorite group peeves are malapropisms...
      Oh! how do you feel about... there and their or were and where or, or, or...
  • Dec 15 2013: for different skin tones.....would you like cocoa color on vanilla skin, I would think not so just reverse the senerio
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      Dec 15 2013: I can see this on a social basis, but talc is white stone that is made into baby powder... I am not sure of a darker toned material that could be added or substituted. There maybe one out there.
      But, does it really make a difference? All babies should smell like powdered babies. I can't see with my nose.
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    Dec 15 2013: Smoking in public places like in the street or an elevator where you need to change your route for fresh air and hold breath till you get to 27th floor.Cough cough
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      Dec 15 2013: This is not a peeve, this is a heavy cross I bear.
      As a reformed smoker, I am now even more sensitive to smoke. I have visited family who smoked. They tried to be aware of my sensitivity, but after I came home every thing had to be cleaned a couple of times. i even had to spray my luggage. Smoking is something that I can't really understand. I did it as a kid because it was "cool". I never really liked the taste. I even tried some supposedly really good cigars.... not pleasant. So, I came to the conclusion it was for the high and not worth the other things smoke does to your lungs.
      Today, I have a lung specialist on my speed dial.... Pills to take and inhalers. Scans every 6 months to watch those spots on my lungs.
      Dance the tune, pay the piper....

      PS: I've lost 5 family members all younger in the past few years.
      My mother in law was only 63.... and my sister in law has only a few months.... all smokers. And their children smoke.
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        Dec 17 2013: Sorry to hear that you lost your family members.All becuase of smoking?

        Its good that you pay attetion to your health.The fact smoking does nothing good to you and other people seems not a strong enough notion to curb the urge in some people.Cigarettes to me is like an "agent ",it could be something else like coffee. But that's another topic.

        Im not a smoker and just get concerned about second hand smoke.Here we have regulations of public health which prohibit people from public smoking,especially in streets.However,it sounds a too simple answer to me for GV to enhance public health ,taking into account what it might takes to reduce the behavior and effictiveness of it plus tabacco tax contributes a considerable part in local finance.
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    Dec 14 2013: - Ah, yes, I'm sharing the "throwing trash out of the car window". I thought that's only a problem here in Mexico. Apparently it isn't.
    = Another one is people smoking in my proximity and proximity means where I can smell it even faintly.
    - Not signaling a lane change is another one I agree with.
    - People driving and talking on there mobile at the same time. This becomes even worse when the driver actually pays more attention to his phone than to the driving. Aggravated version of this is texting while driving.
    - Probably one of the worst offenses is somebody using the toilet w/o flushing.

    Hmmm, there are probably more that would come to mind once I spend more time thinking about that topic.
  • Dec 14 2013: I think that is in part due to present role models and in part to tech. People seem to be less aware of whats going on around them then ever before. I think that at our age we were blessed by our up bringing, I understand where you are coming from with this and all I may add is to try and let it go and be more of an impartial observer with the world. Good Luck
  • Dec 14 2013: People who are afraid to say they do not know.
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      Dec 14 2013: Even when they say they know and don't, is more peevish.
      • Dec 14 2013: yup, found that in a lot. explain something, ask if they understand, they say yes and do the exact thing I told them not to do.
  • Dec 13 2013: white baby powder why not cocoa colored also?
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      Dec 13 2013: I think a baby powder peeve is a new one on me....
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      Dec 14 2013: because it would leave stains ?
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    Dec 13 2013: People who misspell "retarted" and "rediculous" on Internet forums. (Not on TED, of course.)
    People who use technology decades out of date because they won't change their ways.
    Dogs! (Sorry, dog people!) Incessant noise, drama, and manic activity. (sigh)
    Country and Western music. I understand that education and sophistication are not for everyone, but let's not raise ignorance and banality on a pedestal, please!
    Spectator sports. If ever their was a vestigial tribal habit that needs to die off already, this is it.
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      Dec 13 2013: Dogs? Country Music? How could you post that on a Texan's conversation who is allergic to cats.
      The Texan, not the conversation.
      However, spectator sports have degenerated into the spirit of the Roman Colosseum.
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      Dec 14 2013: for this insult, my dog would have you for breakfast !!.....;-)
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    Dec 12 2013: I try not to get peeved & accept most things, however one thing does get to me.
    In the early 80's I was charged with computerising a small engineering works. I was a bit of an Amiga buff, & had one running CAD & other functions with great success.
    I made enquiries for prices for a network of a dozen or so stations. All I was being offered was Microsoft in one form or another. I settled on a local firm, & asked why they only quoted for Microsoft; wasn't the Amiga a better machine. He replied that indeed the Amiga was a better machine, but he could only deal in Microsoft for commercial reasons.
    So in they went; an unmitigated disaster, complete with two full time nerds to keep the things going, & constant expensive upgrades. When I left, a decade or so later, the paper trails that had been 'computerised' were still in place, as the computers could not be trusted.
    My story is typical. Why have we allowed this to happen; we are all being driven crazy by this steam driven word processor. In any other field this company would not survive; their offerings are not fit for purpose.I've got a Mac, which is better, but not as good as 30 years of development should have made it.
    At work I have to deal with this stone age technology, & it peeves me.

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      Dec 12 2013: After having to work with M/S PCs for over twenty five years, I retired and bought an IMAC. After ten years, I am still using it.
      • Dec 13 2013: Know what you mean - I always ran Unix/NT on my laptops since 1992 (had a alpha/beta version of NT)
  • Dec 12 2013: Mike....
    1. War
    2. Poverty
    3. People tailgating me in the SLOW lane......gets me steamed
    4. Baristas who call me 'Boss' instead of sir or bro.....zip it kid.

    .......don't get me started. :-)
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      Dec 12 2013: Scott,
      Let it all out.... Purge! you will feel better.
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    Dec 11 2013: Haha, my initial thought was "I have none, I've done my best to clear them all out"

    But then you nailed it Mike "How about silly TED conversations?" I guess I should lighten up... But just like you and the flashers I see my peeves (it was a new word for me) as something that annoys me because it could hurt people.

    I can't think of any others right now, but I found some sources for you that you can read since TED Conversations isn't greatly populated.
    On AskReddit, "What is a huge pet peeve that you have, that you don't think anyone else has?" http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1lpkj2/what_is_a_huge_pet_peeve_that_you_have_that_you/
    And I even found a subreddit (place dedicated to) for pet peeves http://www.reddit.com/r/petpeeve/
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      Dec 12 2013: I am hurt, you didn't count me as a peeve.... I am not doing a good job as a commentator
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        Dec 12 2013: I dot not count you as a peeve Mike, there are members that I do but you are not one of them. Despite what you might think I actually hold you in quite high regards... Even though we disagree many times I think that you're a good person and that you mean well, and you're not obnoxious as I find some other members to be (and many find me to be).

        I actually like you Mike.
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          Dec 13 2013: Jimmy,
          I personally appreciate your comment. However, you may have denigrated your standing on TED. I can give you names.
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        Dec 13 2013: Please elaborate...
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          Dec 14 2013: You just have to read the 1300 or so comments I have made on TED and then look at the responses. I have been called.... #$@%!! and even worse. Some words even I can't use and I was with the US Navy.
          US Sailors are famous for their "salty" language.
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        Dec 14 2013: Yeah, I know what you mean... I'm up to 2000 and have been taking a lot of beatings through the years, that doesn't mean that they're right though. :)
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          Dec 14 2013: Unfortunately, I probably deserved the comments I got.
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        Dec 14 2013: I can't say either or since I'm not aware of what specifics your talking about...

        Sometimes I deserve the harsh comments I get because I tend to get presumptuous and condescending when I argue too much with people in a day. I will often unwrap all the sugarcoating and just give the cold facts and my honest opinion, which isn't always nice...

        But in my mind you're alright Mike, even though I may view your opinions as dead wrong at times...
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          Dec 15 2013: Dead wrong? Never dead wrong, maybe a tad off the mark.
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        Dec 15 2013: Yes, you're right.