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Is going down the MOOCs road worth it?

Assuming a higher education institution has already established distance learning programmes and has been running them having a healthy number of students. The question then would be s it really worth it also going down the MOOCs road and if it does then why?

  • Dec 29 2013: Not really sure about this. I see that these courses might be a good idea for people to study subjects for which they would have no access. However, although you can listen to a lecture on a topic this does not mean you will fully understand it. For this reason there are tutorials designed to conduct discussion or exercises in it. This is virtually impossible for MOOCS type courses since the number of people involved could almost never have a chance for a direct conversation with a tutor or lecturer. In fact if this was the case then a vast number of people would need to be employed just to talk to all the participants. So, direct communication is out. Instead a more generic form of tutorial would be required where common questions or difficulties could be addressed. However, people in general greatly value a direct communication. I believe these kind of courses serve a purpose but cannot replace a good education.
    • Jan 5 2014: it seems MOOCS is a trend of internet education spreading,of course not good education,we learn not learn things for things,what we want to learn to enlight something in our inner body,it needs interaction,collabration,communication,discussing,and in circle returning around.
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    Dec 11 2013: well can you tell us what the different issues are, the arguments on either side?