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What TED Conversations would you like to have but don't take the time to create?

I suspect that we all have a million Conversations that we'd like to have, and even though creating a conversation isn't hard i also suspect that many don't bother since.. Well, it's a couple of clicks away and I know from experience that people are less likely to do something for every additional click that it takes, there's also the pressure of writing an explanation that for some is a big task.

So, simply put: What would you like to talk about on TED?


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      Dec 19 2013: TED content curation, as they call it, sure hurts a lot Chris. I know that better then most I believe. To date I've managed to keep 77 conversations without rejection or deletion. I think that I've had at least 20+ conversations rejected or deleted, but I'm not sure of the exact number since it's a bit messy in my inbox and TED hasn't always notified me of rejections and such... I still have more than 10 errands that have not been replied to, even though I've asked for it.

      What I've found when creating conversations is to ask questions and keep NEUTRAL in both the title and explanation, now for some reason some conversations are still allowed despite being obviously biased in a way that contradicts the terms of use.

      Please don't take this as an insult.

      Even though I think that you are wrong in your assumptions about the conversations that you tried to start I think that because others that are equally, or even more, wrong in their assumptions are allowed to have conversations you should be too.

      So here's my tip as a "pro-conversations-creator" :-P

      I'll only do the titles since I'm running out of characters. Keep the explanation as small and neutral as possible, don't put biased (any except Wiki or TED) sources in there.

      Flat earth conversation:

      "Did people actually believe that the world was ever flat?"

      Evolution conversation.

      "What are the best arguments for evolution"

      Atlantis conversation

      "Do you think that Atlantis actually existed once, is there proof?"

      And hey Chris, if you feel that you've been mistreated by TED you are welcome to join my subreddit, created solely for discussions about TED. http://www.reddit.com/r/TEDconversations

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