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What's your opinion on Unconditional Basic Income? (This is not Communism)

The Basic Income movement is one that is quickly gaining ground around the world. Both prominent right and left wing persons have given their support for this idea.

What's your thoughts on Basic Income, do you think it's a good idea?


EDIT: I forgot to mention (in case you haven't heard) that what sprout the movement was Switzerland's proposal for basic income ($2800 monthly). http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/04/us-swiss-pay-idUSBRE9930O620131004

EDIT 2: This is NOT meant as a universal cure for all the problems of the world, things like education, politics, corruption and deceases are separate issues (even though Basic Income might help with them) if you wish to solve those issues please join or start a conversation about those. However discussing them with respect of BI is very fine and encouraged.

Please try to NOT sway too far from the topic, which is "What's your opinion on Unconditional Basic Income?". Comments to others opinions are of course free to go far from the topic, but preferably not too far.

And please try to be constructive and mature in your comments to others on this conversation.

Also please read AT LEAST the provided Wikipedia article on Basic income as it will answer many questions posted here.

Thank you for reading this explanation...(?)

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Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

Wow, thank you ALL for your contributions to this conversation!

There's no way that I'm going to be able to summarize what was said here.
But I do feel that people might be ready for this transition or at least they are able to be convinced that it is feasible.

Anyway, thank you all for your participation and sorry for the lack of response the last few days.

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  • Dec 27 2013: Is it so difficult to envision a system where money is used for goods and services only. That concept troubles a lot of folks, no it down right frightens them. Now money is this colossus, and we run around in search of dishonorable graves (apologizes to Mr. Shakespeare)

    Let’s try a system.

    A UBI is issued to spur entrepreneurs

    Salaries are based on societal gains… Doctors, engineers, scientist and educators are at the top of the pay scales, labor is second.

    Taxes are not collected because money is created by governments, to pay salaries. ( we make it up now so why not)

    Usury etc.. is outlawed.

    Education, and health are free. See how I did that now that money is issued by governments for enrichment of society.

    Retirement is taken care of by government. I did it again!

    Here we have a start…. Far but from perfect, but I would move there!
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      Dec 28 2013: There is no such thing as "free" when it comes to goods or services.
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        Dec 28 2013: Sure there is, voluntary work and charities for example...
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          Dec 28 2013: In the context of Joe's comment, "Education, and health are free...." None of it is free. Someone has to work to provide every item we consume, every service we enjoy. His point on "retirement is taken care of by the government" is also naïve. The "government" has no money, to provide for retirement they must get the goods and service from someone else.
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        Dec 28 2013: I think that you need to stop thinking about the quarterly report when it comes to how to govern a nation...
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          Dec 29 2013: Jimmy, I'm not sure I understand your comment. Forget money. Forget rich versus poor. All of the "stuff" we want and need and all of the services we demand are produced with labor. If one person has a day off, another person must work to allow that.
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        Dec 29 2013: Brad,

        As you work in construction and solar (which is a big thumbs up from me) I believe that you have the initial perspective that work is something that mainly produces good stuff.
        It isn't.

        Just take the work that has gone into producing the 25 million porn sites of the web, now it just seems a bit excessive and unnecessary but it's driving your economy with about $14 billion in sales per year.

        Most work that is done is done to create revenue, not to produce stuff that is needed.

        The same goes for services, while I'm sure that you enjoy your Starbucks coffee you would have to agree that it's generally a waste of peoples resources and time to either buy or work for it.

        Most production of today only produces junk that people would actually be better off without. The same goes for many services.

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