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China: English may be canceled in college entrance exam in several years.

There is a hot topic in China these days: English may be canceled in college entrance exam.
It has been determined that English is not as important as it used to be in Entrance. Many provinces in China has proposed the policy to low the percentage English takes in the Entrance. Some of them even tends to cancel it.
For me, it's really hard to accept the policy. Cos I think nowadays, English is of great importance everywhere. It's an international language. I just cannot image how can Chinese next generation live without English. They cannot communicate with foreigners, they cannot keep up with the pace of globalization. How can China develop without English?
Reform is necessary for Entrance, but China shouldn't kill English completely. Do you have any ideas about it?


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    Dec 11 2013: "… Chinese government has just stopped requiring Chinese students to learn English…"
    I feel ambivalent and neither is positive. If they've truly rejected english for educational purposes, then there is nothing that can be done. If multi-linguality is not an educational priority, so be it. If the've chosen to do so because they believe to have the global language already, then it is even more worrisome. Two global superpowers preaching the one true language?…..it will not end well. Besides it's not like America has made a point of learning new languages to bridge cultural differences.

    That was an excerpt from a question posted on TED Convo:


    "...It has been determined that English is not as important as it used to be…"
    This is very interesting. What gives a language importance?I propose, English has grown to be a powerful language because of America's ascent to the top of the global economy. Because of the domination of the dollar , during the first world war, English became a commodity and has remained so ever since. Economic power will always switch hands ( as we've seen throughout human history-Notice the change of authors-) but this alone must not be the reason why we choose to assignate importance to a language. The true purpose of language is convey information effectively and efficiently, so which is more important, uniting humanity under one language( as ominous as it sounds) or bicker over which language will it be? consider future generations as well.
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      Dec 13 2013: What is English? It's a language. What's is language? It's a tool for us to communicate with others but not a standard. I really appreciate your opinion. And I agree your idea that every language is equal. We cannot say which one is more important to others. However, relatively speaking, English and Chinese are more important to other languages under such an educational system in China. I'm so sorry to say that. Under the system, students are force to learn something even they don't like, not only English. In my opinion, the government can have a better way to deal with it, but not only on English.

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