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To what extent is memory an aspect of our identity?

If wanted/needed, please ask for clarification.


  • Dec 15 2013: It provides a basis for our character and personality as shaped by knowledge of past action and social stimulus.
  • M Hvid

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    Dec 15 2013: One interesting thing could be that your entire memory is the sum of your identity, but it is 0 of other peoples perception of your identity (as they dont know your memory). Would that mean that you could gain other peoples 'true' identity by sharing memories with them? I dont know.

    Kirkegaard says you are defined by your future, and that you can (in some aspects) determine your own identity by this. This would not leave too much room for memory i guess?

    I guess it also depends on how you define memory. Are they an object (concrete or abstract)? Are they physically present in your body? are they sort of transcendental or rather something you have to see/experience to understand?

    I dont know the answer. We make decisions either a priori or based on previous experience/learning, and you could argue that all our decisions/actions and thoughts are the sum of our personality. Thus making memory + a priori = sum of identity. If you like Descartes maybe you could say memory = sum of identity. But then there are also emotions, which are also important in identity. Are our emotions shaped by memories?
  • Dec 13 2013: I like this question. If i ask WHO AM I, and I proceed by way of negation....I am not this....I am not that..........

    Then, what am I left with but memories.....a collage of memories? A collection of Concepts, that are based on memories?

    All mental it seems. Interesting question. What are your thoughts?