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What do you want to do if you are 20 years old ?

In every countries,we have many different habits in life.
That's why there have many different ways to enjoy our life.
If you can came back to 19,20 years old what would you want to do ? why?

Try to think about that I am in my country and asking question now.
In the same time, someone same age as mine is doing another thing in others place.

I want to know how to catch my young years doing something special.
If I am old, I won't regret why I did do what...

How's your 20 years old?Enjoyed?What did you do?What's crazy thing you will never forget? :)

(or you can also tell me your story close to 19~24 years old)

M e r c i ^^

  • Dec 15 2013: Hopefully, finding my wife and training for success as an adult and leader of a family.
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    Dec 24 2013: Just have fun and keep your priorities straight. I'm 19(almost 20) and that's what I'm aiming to do now.
  • Dec 13 2013: I would take more chances and have more quiet moments to enjoy.
  • Dec 12 2013: If I am 20 years old, I would like to go on a backpacking trip with my favorite friends.

    Visiting new places is always interesting and awesome!
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    Dec 12 2013: Just to enjoy simple pleasures (not material stuff) , and to travel as much as I can afford.
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    Dec 11 2013: well, in my 30's I got interested in the dairy business. I started to drink a lot of milk, and I moved to an agricultural area and looked for a job milking cows. I still believe this is the best field of human endeavor. So I would get involved in it sooner.

    I have noticed that Asian people don't drink much milk. Do you know why, Ping La? Here is a Wikipedia list of countries by dairy consumption per person, you will notice that there are no Asian countries in top 75.
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    Dec 11 2013: Being able to enjoy life with high quality.
  • Dec 11 2013: From 19-24 I went from computer programming school to systems programmer for the larger data center in Washington state. I fell in love, got married and we had a beautiful daughter. We lived on a hill looking over Puget sound and later moved to Black lake. We fished, scuba dive, water & snow ski, rode motorcycles, went clamming, shucked oysters and snuggled a lot. She went into banking and in my spare time I opened a hypnosis clinic in Tumwater. Absolutely NO regrets!
    Keep you eyes on your dream Ping and never look back, there will be plenty of time for that in your old age. I am 65 now and starting to feel my mid-life crisis, can't wait to see what 2080 is like...