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What is your most favourite place in the world? If its your country, why should people visit?

So I'v visited a few countries and have been around my own country a few times. My most favourite places have been those rich in culture, great people and fabulous hearty food. What is your most favourite place? Tell us about it and why we should visit.


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  • Jan 2 2014: I have not visited any of these places,but then I am a Google Maps trotter.The three places I would definitely recommend are-
    2.Abbey Saint Mont Mitchell,France
    And then of course,you have my breathtaking country,India.I have lived my whole life here but still whenever I zoom in and take a silent glance at the places and people around me,my thoughts are always stirred in a totally new dimension then before and I am left stunned on how there is so much to travel and see in every damn square mile.You also have Bhutan,one place which imprints itself on your mind for life.
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      Jan 3 2014: 'zoom in and take a silent glance' - beautiful, so true and such resonance. I've never known how to put that transient change of perspective into words. Thank you.
      • Jan 3 2014: haha.Surprising considering how nicely you have put 'transient change of perspective'!
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      Jan 3 2014: Normandy is beautiful - the moule et frites is to die for; the memorials and remnants of WWII are fascinating and well preserved. The countryside is beautiful too! And Monet's gardens aren't too far away either.
      • Jan 4 2014: Graihagh totally agreed.Sad that Normandy is never included in those'100 best destinations across the world' lists.

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