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What is your most favourite place in the world? If its your country, why should people visit?

So I'v visited a few countries and have been around my own country a few times. My most favourite places have been those rich in culture, great people and fabulous hearty food. What is your most favourite place? Tell us about it and why we should visit.


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    Jan 3 2014: I found Malaysia to be one of the most beautiful and friendliest places I've ever been - in particular a town calling Kuching in the Borneon part of Malaysia. Why? It's small enough to walk around, the museum is fantastic and the markets authentic. It's clean and quiet and people are so friendly they ask how you're doing at the traffic lights with absolutely no ulterior motive.

    Wildlife wise, it's phenomenal. Think Orangutans and Proboscis monkeys, fireflies and snakes. Walks around undisturbed national parks where the mangroves flow on to the beach. I cannot describe how beautiful nature is out there.

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