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What is your most favourite place in the world? If its your country, why should people visit?

So I'v visited a few countries and have been around my own country a few times. My most favourite places have been those rich in culture, great people and fabulous hearty food. What is your most favourite place? Tell us about it and why we should visit.


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    Dec 12 2013: Greg, yes I reside in the UK, although I was born in Australia. As such I'm very fortunate because where I live is absolutely the place I choose to be. I love London. There's such a wonderful diversity. People, cultures, activities...and it's forever changing. That's the thing, I don't need to keep London fresh because it refreshes itself. New shows or exhibitions or some special event. Or even just noticing something you've never seen before but has always been there. Remembering to look rather than straight in front of you can bring such a different experience of the architecture or the history of the city. But I would also say that my travels to other places add an extra level of freshness. I like to go back and see sites or works of art having seen similar or something completely contrasting elsewhere and see if my perspective has changed. It's one of the reasons why travel is so important to me.

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