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What is your most favourite place in the world? If its your country, why should people visit?

So I'v visited a few countries and have been around my own country a few times. My most favourite places have been those rich in culture, great people and fabulous hearty food. What is your most favourite place? Tell us about it and why we should visit.

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    Dec 23 2013: My most favourite place in the world is home, doesn't matter which country i belong. home is where the heart is. a country is built either by bloodshed, wars, etc. my home is built with love by my mom and dad. again where there is love and sharing that can also be my favourite place. period
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    Dec 21 2013: The Scottish Highlands. Highland Scots are warm, hospitable people. The landscape, coastlines and Islands are simply stunning.

    Going there is like going home for me. It's something inexplicable, and "in the blood". For that reason I'm not certain that others would get the same profound feelings as I do when visiting.

    If you do get the opportunity to visit the Highlands Nthabiseng, try and make it October/November - but have a word with the weather Gods to supply you with a few days of crisp, clear sunshine. The hills turn deep russet at that time, and the birches bright yellow against the greens of the ancient pinewoods. There is sometimes a dusting of snow on the tops. All this, set against a clear blue sky is an unforgettable visual feast of near primary colours. Add to that the sound of rutting stags echoing around the Glens...

    Another good time to visit is spring - May/June, before the notorious midges become a problem!
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      Dec 23 2013: Yes, beautiful! The lovely, magical lochs - somehow both quiet and vital....
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    Jan 8 2014: I've been twice to this place in India in the Aravali mountains just outside Jaipur. There is this temple dedicated to the sun god on the very top and from there you can see the whole panorama of the city; both times I went it was at sunset and what impressed me most were the sounds of the bustling city preparing for the night: cars honking in all possible tones, dogs barking, children yelling, roosters calling, cows muu...ing...the muezzin call to prayer, Hindi music playing ...a voice making an announcement in a loud speaker ....and it is all distant and there is a pink haze in the air; you are so aware of all this life happening and you feel part of it while comfortably away and above..while the city bellow is performing it's evening rituals. Same Jodhpur seen from Mehrangarh Fort but here you are much closer and get more of the visual rewards of the 'blue city'
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    Jan 5 2014: Thank you for your question, and I wish I could answer it appropriately. To be honest, though, I don't think I have a "favorite" place in the world, as I have found that there is beauty and joy in every place I've visited thus far (even if it's only a few meters away), and I look forward to more amazing and humbling sites, especially since I've only traveled to a few places around the world.

    You have mentioned that you connect with places that are rich in culture and flavors . . . Likewise, I love the connections with people. There are always unique, learning opportunities to encounter. Some of us are confined/limited to "small" spaces, whereas others have "traversed the world." We forget that we ALL have the world, and there are so many unique ways of experiencing and observing it (aside from a physical interaction) . . . even if it's only a ball of dust at the core.
  • Jan 2 2014: I had been only in my country(Ukraine) and in Russian. I guess my favourite place It's place where I can understand people and people understand me, so it's not country. It's depend on society.
  • Jan 2 2014: I have not visited any of these places,but then I am a Google Maps trotter.The three places I would definitely recommend are-
    2.Abbey Saint Mont Mitchell,France
    And then of course,you have my breathtaking country,India.I have lived my whole life here but still whenever I zoom in and take a silent glance at the places and people around me,my thoughts are always stirred in a totally new dimension then before and I am left stunned on how there is so much to travel and see in every damn square mile.You also have Bhutan,one place which imprints itself on your mind for life.
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      Jan 3 2014: 'zoom in and take a silent glance' - beautiful, so true and such resonance. I've never known how to put that transient change of perspective into words. Thank you.
      • Jan 3 2014: haha.Surprising considering how nicely you have put 'transient change of perspective'!
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      Jan 3 2014: Normandy is beautiful - the moule et frites is to die for; the memorials and remnants of WWII are fascinating and well preserved. The countryside is beautiful too! And Monet's gardens aren't too far away either.
      • Jan 4 2014: Graihagh totally agreed.Sad that Normandy is never included in those'100 best destinations across the world' lists.
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    Dec 31 2013: I've traveled a lot throughout my life, but no country has left quite the same impression on me as Iceland. It's hard to pick favorites, because it depends on what aspect of the location you're looking at. Out of all the counties I've visited and lived in however, Iceland strikes me as the most- unchanged. Icelanders get their energy primarily from hydroelectric and geothermal plants due to the volcanic nature of the nation's geography. It's main industry is fishing. Iceland has a rich history and its language has changed little since the time of the Vikings.

    I visited an island off the coast of Iceland , called Heimaey. There are two volcanoes on the little island of Heimaey, one of which erupted in 1973 adding 2.2 square kilometers to the island (which is now 13.4 square kilometers). Iceland's wildlife is unique and puffins are part of the Icelandic diet (they are hunted around April or May during the puffin hunting season). Iceland has numerous natural marvels. The Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, supposedly grants healing powers with its mineral rich waters. Geysers are found throughout Iceland, and many Icelandic volcanos are still active.

    Icelanders speak about their folklore with admiration as well. Superstitions are still numerous. For example, there are supposedly certain roads that can't be demolished or else the "gnomes" who live under them will seek vengeance. I don't believe any of this, but I can see where the superstition may have come from. Iceland seems to be full of mysteries. The ground is formed entirely from volcanic eruptions long ago and fog can shroud the landscape heavily at times. I felt a sense of calm when I was there that no other place I've been has given me. Standing in the Icelandic wilderness felt like connecting with something long lost. The silence grants an inner peace and the power of the landscape reminds me that there is so much to the world that we have yet to understand.
  • Dec 23 2013: my favourit place is home and my work when i go to work i will be enjoy and when i come to my home i see all my family i feel with love
  • Dec 16 2013: Syria... it's a wonderful country, and a syrian people is great.
    therefore, we should go there to stop the war and to spread a peace.
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    Dec 16 2013: Rwanda. I found the weather very pleasant and the richness of the area in terms of its variety of fruits and vegetables made their food awesome. The people are very kind there and so full of hope and the women are to die for!!:)
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      Jan 2 2014: Ha ha ha, Tsepang, Id go for the food, not so much the women morena. Sounds good though especially, ignorant as this may be, my only knowledge of the coutry is of the sad sad history. Il put it on my bucket list.
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    Dec 13 2013: Hello Nthabiseng:>)
    Wherever I am in the moment is my favorite place, because my perception and observation, is that every place is rich in culture with great people. I LOVE the diversity of different people and places, from all the states in the U.S., to Mexico, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean islands, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The only place I've been in Africa is Egypt, which feels more middle east to me.

    I am curious Nthabiseng.....you say you've traveled around your county.....have you ever been in a place that is NOT rich in culture and great people? I have not had that experience.
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      Dec 24 2013: Hello Colleen, no, even the cities that are filled with migrants have their own new and interesting culture. It's actually interesting that you ask me that because we were brought up to think cities have no culture. Great people are really relative though, have met fantastic people that want to just chat and show you around and are inspired by the fact that you move around and ask a lot of questions. Then there are those who don't come across as being so great, but because it's in the moment it really could be just a bad day.
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        Dec 29 2013: Nthabiseng,
        My perception is that in cities, people from different places are living and working more closely with one another and cultures seem to "mix" more, which creates a new and interesting culture.

        I agree with you...great people are EVERYWHERE, and there are some people who do not choose to interact with others from different cultures.....it is always a choice. I would not ever deny myself the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures, because I think in doing so, I would be limiting myself and denying myself an opportunity:>)
  • Dec 12 2013: jAMMU-kASHMIR for its beautiful Dal lake and wonderful hill stations like gulmerg and pehelgam
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      Dec 19 2013: I looked up Dal Lake. It looks magical! I want to visit. My grandfather's name was Dal - perhaps it's a sign!
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    Dec 12 2013: If you really want to enjoy your trip, for ones makes your trip to a village in India.
    I assure you that you will really going to love the nature and working in fields, the scent of crops and the most tastefull food made on chulhas(an earthen cookstove).
  • Jan 11 2014: My favourite place in the world is where I'm accepted for who I am...which could be any place...or every place.
  • Jan 11 2014: The most beautiful place in the world is Lake Elmore, VT, The Beauty Spot of Vermont, USA. A quaint early American village setting on a pristine lake at the base of a mountain surrounded by 360 degree dynamic views and skies. Each day is a combination of amazing works of art created by Mother Nature. Her pallet plays with the sky, both day and night, weather, seasonal landscapes and nature. We operate a one room school for the early grades that prepares students for proficiency in English language arts and mathematics well beyond grade 3. We grow our own food, raise chickens, maintain active bee hives, swim, hike, ski, snowshoe, ice fish, fly planes, etc. Never is there a dull moment. Our quaint lifestyle is part of the 21st century as we link to the Internet to learn, engage and share with the world at large. Your neighbor is your friend. Come see it to believe it!
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    Jan 9 2014: I lived in Japan for nearly 8 years. Most of that time was in Tokyo with my husband, who is Japanese. Every now and again he would rent a car for us and he would take me to the country side to always see new sites. I love the countryside in Japan. There's something mythical about it. Near Mt. Fuji was one place in particular called Oshino Hakkai. It's in Yamanashi prefecture. It's a small traditional town with pristine crystal water springs. They had shops with traditional japanese foods and soba prepared in the water from the spring. I am so happy my husband brought me there for me to discover such a beautiful place.
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    Jan 8 2014: Having been around the world it is really difficult to choose, I have a long list.

    I will put 2 places out there - Stockholm in the summer is amazing, long days, great people, great parks, beautiful city!

    Also in the summer - Alaska - stunningly beautiful if you like the outdoors. Not a place to go for museums, restaurants, etc. though.
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    Jan 5 2014: I´ve been to many countries and I can safely say that my favourite place in the world is the Serengeti of Tanzania.
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    Jan 4 2014: This question is often asked on many websites as 'security question'. My answer is always same 'Mumbai', I have seen few cities and they are lovely, Mumbai is dynamic, colourful, diverse and most of all of street food is awesome.. Above all it brings me nostalgia..
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    Jan 4 2014: Serbia, Leskovac.
    Small town, popular because of the barbecue festival called "rostiljijada". Every year, masters for grill are crossing the Guinness book of world records, by making the biggest burger. Last year they made 55 kg hard, and 147 cm in diameter
  • Jan 4 2014: I have just come back from Italy. And my most impressive city is Rome. I stayed there for three days and it was far from enough.This city is famous for the long history and good preservation of relics. But what I was most interested are the unknown attractions hidden among the streets, which always makes me forget my original destination :) And it is common to find dedicated decoration like sculptures outside buildings. Rome, an amazing place in my mind.
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    Jan 4 2014: /
    Hi Nthabiseng,
    If my wish was to see and experience the riches of different ways of being, I would visit India. In the US Navy I have been to Philippines, Hawaii, Singapore, Australia, and Kenya. That was in the 70's and 80's. From what I see going on now India is probably the future leader. Within a circle that encloses China and India there are more people within such a circle than in all the rest of the world. I like the accents of certain people when they speak English. An Indian accent is just one of my personal favorites. Although I haven't been there, I have read some of the Gita, and some of the oldest writing in human history. I've heard and chanted Sanskrit, and I've seen the movie and read the book "Life of Pi."

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    Jan 3 2014: I found Malaysia to be one of the most beautiful and friendliest places I've ever been - in particular a town calling Kuching in the Borneon part of Malaysia. Why? It's small enough to walk around, the museum is fantastic and the markets authentic. It's clean and quiet and people are so friendly they ask how you're doing at the traffic lights with absolutely no ulterior motive.

    Wildlife wise, it's phenomenal. Think Orangutans and Proboscis monkeys, fireflies and snakes. Walks around undisturbed national parks where the mangroves flow on to the beach. I cannot describe how beautiful nature is out there.
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    Jan 3 2014: I've traveled quite a bit and have to say that I love San Francisco, where I currently live. It's a "small big city" where the businesses I patronize know my name, the restaurants I eat at know what I like, there are a lot of people who have a love of animals and plenty of places for dogs, it's hilly but still a great place for bicycling, it's rarely too hot or too cold, and you can walk from one end to the other in half a day.

    As for specific favorite places:

    Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland--a rugged park with a spectacular view of Edinburgh.

    Pedestrian Walkways, Mayfair, London--lots of small streets that are closed to cars, full of shops and restaurants, great people watching

    Greenwich Village, New York City--a great place to walk around. Easy to get lost, but you'll eventually find a subway station.

    Baker Beach, San Francisco--very crowded when the weather is nice, but on winter days or overcast days, a great place to get some solitude and thinking done in the middle of a big city
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    Jan 3 2014: My very own Japan where I was born.

    I`m not lucky enough to travel and I haven`t been many places.
    But I had been some countries four years ago. Then I was really excited,for mountains, castles, and even the houses are quite impressive for me. But after three or four days , I thought my home country is the place where I feel comfortable and relaxed. Especially, Kyoto is a really good place .
    Have you ever been to Japan? It is rich in culture,hearty food and great people !
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        Jan 4 2014: Hello, Moe!
        Yeah Kyoto is a really good place to visit. Even now, I sometimes see Maiko,who is an apprentice Geishas, are walking along the street in Gion(Kyoto). Their wearing "Kimono",hair style is very beautiful !
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    Jan 2 2014: My very own South Africa.
    I left SA for 6 years but returned because the motherland has a pull that is undeniable. I have travelled extensively, and bought a large home in England only to eventually sell it and return to my beloved Durban.
    Why should you visit South Africa? The answer is simple...
    Maropeng! :) It truly is home and my DNA knows it!
    South Africa's best selling point is its warm welcoming people and it's idyllic climate. But there is something else. Something I think no one, myself included, has been able to put a finger on...
    It's a certain... kind of Magic. You have to experience it to know what I'm talking about. That same magic that had me sell my lovely home abroad, quit my idyllic job, pack up my belongings and wife and child and COME BACK HOME.
    5 years later and I would do it all again.
    Nothing beats coming back home to my beloved South Africa.
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    Jan 2 2014: You should Nthabi its a lovely place. Visit the Genocide Museum and see the realities of that sad past. If its any consolation, the men are nice too.:)