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What makes "education" TED's most popular topic?

Is the TED community imposing their beliefs upon the website visitors? Are users applying the "education" tag to their conversations in the most visited section for exposure? How do you prefer to be "educated"? What is the best way to acquire, retain, and recall information? Do we need degrees, certificates, or peer validation to be effective teachers?


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    Dec 16 2013: I'm surprised no one has mentioned the "Popular Topics" module on this website is always viewable in TED conversations and the topics are alphabetically listed. Interestingly, the list starts at "C".
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      Dec 17 2013: Might you be viewing the list on a tablet? Viewed on a laptop or desktop screen, the list begins at A with "A better world."

      The new version of ted.com is optimized for tablets, I believe. The old version, which is what I use and likely you also, is better right now for TED Conversations in most respects but not as good for tablets.

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