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What makes "education" TED's most popular topic?

Is the TED community imposing their beliefs upon the website visitors? Are users applying the "education" tag to their conversations in the most visited section for exposure? How do you prefer to be "educated"? What is the best way to acquire, retain, and recall information? Do we need degrees, certificates, or peer validation to be effective teachers?


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    Dec 11 2013: It's an excellent question, John. What do you think is the answer?

    I would think part of it is that to participate on the TED website you probably have to be educated. First off, you would have to have a computer and know how to use it, which probably means you're educated. Then education would help you in following the talks, or participating in the conversations. Someone who is interested in the talks and conversations is probably partly so because they want to learn, and people who want to learn are interested in education?

    Then I guess education is an important experience. It starts young, and the skills you get you use to some degree the rest of your life. And school is a place where you can differentiate yourself and express who you are, you can be a very hard-working student or a lazy one or in-between, you can choose the subjects you want to emphasize.

    I would say talking about education doesn't have to be as political as other topics, it can be a little more purely intellectual, this factor might be attractive.

    I don't understand your question "Is the TED community imposing their beliefs upon the website visitors?" Do you mean is the TED organization imposing their beliefs on the TED community?
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      Dec 11 2013: Education is more structured learning. Is educating an individual a voluntary task?
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        Dec 11 2013: sorry, John, I'm not sure what the question is asking, could you elaborate? If I take your words literally, I could think of a tutor who gets paid to educate an individual, but I wouldn't think that's what you mean......
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          Dec 11 2013: How often do people voluntarly seek out educators? Tutors, teachers, textbooks, etc are for the most part requirements of a system we are directed into by our cultures.
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        Dec 12 2013: Well, in the U.S. a person has to go to school up until, what, the eighth grade? I'm not sure. After that, they can drop out? Most people at least finish high school. Many go on to college and university. I notice from your profile that you are in college currently? What is your motivation for being there?

        Personally I am surprised that education is the biggest topic on TED. I slightly wonder if it is true. Maybe TED wants to push education, so they make it look like education is the biggest topic? You think it's true?

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