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What makes "education" TED's most popular topic?

Is the TED community imposing their beliefs upon the website visitors? Are users applying the "education" tag to their conversations in the most visited section for exposure? How do you prefer to be "educated"? What is the best way to acquire, retain, and recall information? Do we need degrees, certificates, or peer validation to be effective teachers?


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  • Dec 11 2013: "Our only adversary is ignorance"- Keith W Henline
    The only thing you need to be a good teacher is experience, unfortunately that is the missing requirement to be a teacher.
    "Don't let schooling interfere with your education"- Mark Twain
    "Information is not knowledge"- Einstein
    Unfortunately information is what is taught in school, what needs to be taught is how to solve problems but you can't teach something you don't know.
    "The only source of knowledge is experience"- Einstein
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      Dec 11 2013: Interesting way of teaching.
      • Dec 11 2013: My wife was washing dishes in the kitchen and while watching our daughter who was playing in the rain under the avocado tree. As she headed for a mud puddle my wife said to me "go get your daughter before she gets dirty". Have you ever noticed that when the kids are nice, it's our daughter but when the kids are not it's your daughter? Anyway, by the time I get out the door she has just sat down in a big puddle of mud so being the kind of dad I am I smiled and joined her. We made mud cakes and she put mud on my legs and I drew mud snakes on her arms. We splashed in the mud until we were both a dirty brown color. I could hear my wife laughing until she cried in the kitchen and then come out and turned the hose on both of us.

        The point: Education comes from experience and all three of us learned many things from this experience without a single word being said. Things you will never find in a text book or on an exam even though they are the most important.

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