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What makes "education" TED's most popular topic?

Is the TED community imposing their beliefs upon the website visitors? Are users applying the "education" tag to their conversations in the most visited section for exposure? How do you prefer to be "educated"? What is the best way to acquire, retain, and recall information? Do we need degrees, certificates, or peer validation to be effective teachers?


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    Dec 11 2013: Those who are not knowledgeable should learn and those who are knowledgeable should teach.

    I believe our public schools are tasked by our society to take the uneducated young and give them the opportunity to acquire the knowledge to become fully functional educated adults. I am not talking about rocket surgery or brain science.
    I am talking about young adults who can articulate their needs and wants, be able to achieve those needs and wants to the best of their ability and to understand how their society functions.

    I see too many young people who have not achieved this level of knowledge and the public schools supposedly are the professionals. To blame economic status, family, social pressures for these failures may address levels of difficulty, but should not be excuses for failure by our public schools.
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      Dec 11 2013: Should...This word is one of the reasons I asked if we are imposing our beliefs on our visitors.

      School...This was not my intended topic.

      Fail...Does a person learning recognize failure without the idea of aquiring something?

      Youth...How many old dogs learn?
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        Dec 11 2013: John, you caught me...
        I was responding to some comments I perceived as education coming out of formal schooling.
        I think that you learn about touching hot stoves with failing to learn something other then you shouldn't touch hot stoves.
        Old dogs don't learn many new things, we are still trying to assimilate all the knowledge we have gained in a meaningful way.

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