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Do all the "look-like bad" natural reactions of our body be actually good for enhancing body functions?

For example, when we lost someone we care, we feel hopeless and painful. Do these kind of naturally negative emotions help us to have a stronger body?
(Because stress looks like to help to get a stronger heart)

  • Jan 10 2014: In your example, (and in most cases), I agree that there is a good reason.
    (I forget Kelly's talk though.)
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    Dec 11 2013: According to your example, I don't think the depressing or intense feeling does good to people's health. If your life is full of sadness without you Correctly Intervening In Time, you would have more risks to get physical diseases.

    You can get rid of the bad emotions by exercising your body to make it tired enough to let you forget your mental pains. Or talk to your friends to reduce the pain or do what you like to let the happiness offset the pains. You can do a lot of other things to help yourself do the good reactions to the bad emotions.

    Only after you interpret your pains on mental in a positive way can you benefit from them.
  • Dec 11 2013: A moderate amount of stress is good for the body but as with all things "the middle way" is healthiest. Stay away from extremes in everything. It works the same for plants, they grown best if you add a little stress from time to time.
    "Movement is life"- Moshe Feldenkrais