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Why do we buy V12 engined cars?


My name is Chris Dudman, I'm a final year Automotive Design student at Northumbria University. I am currently doing a research project to find out what attracts buyers to V12 engined cars.I am trying to find out what makes a V12 so aspirational: the sound, the feeling, the raw power? And thought, who better to ask than you. Any answers will be greatly appreciated, thanks for the help!


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    Dec 12 2013: Because I can't afford the W16 engine cars...
  • Dec 12 2013: Because of the sound, the feel when the engine starts, the feel of the wind, the feel of the wheel, the feel of the road especially going over 150 mph
  • Dec 15 2013: Hi Chris,

    Why do we buy V12 engined cars, because some believe the advertising that the roads are empty and you can speed along them with impunity and petrol is abundant and cheap... ie they're idiot's, and you get a lot of those on the roads.
  • Dec 15 2013: The belief that you can buy something powerful and somehow be a more powerful person as a result of the purchase.
  • Dec 13 2013: Because people always try to go to extremes in both directions. And the expression applies mostly for showcase; the more visibility the better. So the "toys" of choice, would most likely be cars, yachts, or houses, etc. For cars, they go to the extremes as "muscle cars" or minis (green cars). Therefore, here comes the V12 which out-muscles the V8.