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How can we improve plastic recycling ?

Hi everyone!
I am student in plastics engineering and am interested in plastics recycling.
As you probably know, the most popular drawback of plastic is that it’s very polluting. The problem is that so much people just throw up plastics scraps into nature, or put it in the ordinary bin, whereas plastic can be recycled. Nowadays, plastic recycling has been well improved and we should continue on that way.
So, I’m looking for ideas which could be developed to encourage people to sort plastic to recycle them in the most optimum way.
Thank you in advance for your responses.


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  • Dec 29 2013: Recycling costs energy. The best way to reduce plastic waste is not using plastics. Bring your own bag to the shop, try to use more organic materials which can easily be composted after use.
    The industries should be forced to produce less plastic and think twice before they make products which leave tons of plastic after unpacking the product.
    Completely ban plastics is an utopia. I agree that some products need plastic. e.g. cucumbers. The plastic around it makes it that less cucumber becomes waste.

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