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How can we improve plastic recycling ?

Hi everyone!
I am student in plastics engineering and am interested in plastics recycling.
As you probably know, the most popular drawback of plastic is that it’s very polluting. The problem is that so much people just throw up plastics scraps into nature, or put it in the ordinary bin, whereas plastic can be recycled. Nowadays, plastic recycling has been well improved and we should continue on that way.
So, I’m looking for ideas which could be developed to encourage people to sort plastic to recycle them in the most optimum way.
Thank you in advance for your responses.


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  • Dec 26 2013: Hi Julie,

    I think your concern about this problem is fundamentally important in the noble role of responsibility to protect our future natural environment from products that are harmful and/or constitute a waste management problem after use. One of my favorite past Ted talks was given by: "Mike Biddle: We can recycle plastic." His comments on this subject were interesting and educational. Plastics are complex and there are interesting legal issues.

    Obviouly, there is a cost/benefit aspect to the use of plastics and how to best manage this problem is the issue.

    Good luck in your pursuit of this idealist goal that could well make you famous some day!

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