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What extra credit did you do today to make the world better?

This is not a project to feed your own ego, so don't feel bad about sharing. It is a question—a dialogue—to give and receive inspiration. If your job is helping people or ecological restoration or national defense, don't list those. This is about the extra things we do, and is a way to turn TED from words to actions.

It is also not a project about evaluating other people's actions unless they ask for such feedback. Let's keep the Golden Rule in front of us, though, as a boundary line for fair and foul contributions. As it proceeds, it will also be interesting to hear stories of how our acts and those of other contributors have affected us.

Let's see what you've got :-D

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    Jul 8 2011: In India, we are struggling to develop becaues of corruption, it is so deep rooted in everyday life, and it may take decades to clean it completely. In my country more than 7 million people go to bed without having food. When even first need is not met, how can a child think of study? While returing from office, I usually stop at a perticular area and buy food for some of the people who couldn't afford it. and after coming to home, I spread awareness online among our youth to come strongly against this menace of corruption. and after waking up, I plan how can I do better than the last day..this is all I am repeating daily. May God grant me more alike minded people here to serve the deprived society in a better way.
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    Apr 30 2011: I like how Christakis' talk mentions that altruism is also contagious through networks.
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    Apr 30 2011: Sent out a call for submissions for poetry from young writers (ages 5-17) for a new poetry journal I'm launching. Giving children a voice, and reminding us to listen both seem like meaningful contributions. (If it works, of course!)
  • Apr 28 2011: My mom drove me to take the GRE and we had a nice talk. Exchanging views on the nature of mathematics and knowledge let us share teaching strategies. She helps my sister's kids with their homework, and I'm tutoring a young man in math in exchange that he mows me lawn.
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    Apr 23 2011: I went on a nature walk with my family and had a great time with my children. We picked up a broken bottle which we assumed would have hurt an animal. I committed to riding the length Great Britain this summer to raise funds and awareness for the 'Not Impossible Foundation' They are the ones who created the 'Eyewriter'

    I feel as though the day was in balance.
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    Apr 23 2011: I used my network to connect a struggling mom with some part-time work and did a free edit/revise of her resume.
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    Apr 23 2011: Uh oh, only 5? We may be in trouble . . .
  • Apr 21 2011: I do not know how to make the world better. The topic is too big to me. However, I find how to make my world better. When I help people solve their problems, they say thanks, I feel happy because I think I am a valuable person.
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    Apr 21 2011: Erik,

    All I did was ask a Ted Question, but it led to insightful Answers. One that has already been sent on to inspire others to help illustrate one persons power (in this case given via a casual smile) to positively impact others with no knowledge of their power to do so. And, the reverberating impacts of "little things" which can be quite powerful..

    The Question was: When, How and Why have your most strongly held views changed? It can be found (and answered) here:

  • Apr 21 2011: Today I volunteered to become a TED translator, today I got up and taught a Foreign language to strangers and made them smile, today I think of the is good but tomorrow I can do better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Apr 21 2011: I commented on a TED-newbie's idea about how individuals with limitations compensate developing skills in other areas and now I'm commenting on yours. Not bad considering it's only 10:22am here. Engaging interesting and motivating discussions like the ones here is a way adding your 5cents to make the world better :-)
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    Apr 20 2011: Help the poor people plus cleaning ;p, study for a Bright future
    that's all ;)