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What will be the biggest threat for humanity ?

Humanity gives themselves courage in order to overcome his fear. Threats like Global warming, the asteroids, nuclear catastrophe, world wide deadly pandemic, invading aliens ... will be a world scourge. But Which of these, according you, can wipe out mankind?


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  • Dec 8 2013: HELLO anybody home.. is anybody conscious? Is anybody in there?
    Corporations are the virus literally tearing the world apart, physically, morally and financially, am I the only one in the world that sees that?
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      Dec 8 2013: Apparently not. There is research that demonstrates this concentration of corporate power.

      But more people need to appreciate the instability is creates to economies.
      • Dec 8 2013: Thank you Theodore, interesting article. I have tried three times to open a conversation about the major problem the world has with no-liability corporations, governments and all the other organizations that follow this policy of irresponsibility. It has reached a pandemic state and everybody is involved up to their ears. To put it simply: "I break it but do not have to fix it" either someone else fixes it (that would be the middle income taxpayer) or it just adds to the toxic dump we are turning the world into. My solution is just as simple: adapt a new policy of "If you break it, you fix it". I am guessing they don't want to offend their corporate sponsors but whatever reason it is they turned me down three times already even though I have worded it differently each time.
        I think that it is the single most devastating factor that is destroying our planet and nobody wants to talk about it... that's insane.
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          Dec 9 2013: Hi Keith, It sounds like a useful debate to have. Maybe you could break it into smaller pieces and ask a question about how we can get corporations and governments to take responsibility for common resources?
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          Dec 9 2013: Human's are evolved animals, Keith. The insanity angle comes when you attribute an absolutely just, super natural morality on them. I think they are a runaway species, or almost.
          It's not unknown to us what exactly we are doing to this planet but that knowledge never precipitates down to the level of realization. Not in mass level.
          If you say it is insane, well it is not anything new. Believing that the exact words of books written 2000 years ago can tell us what's right or wrong is also insanity. Sam Harris calls it mass insanity.
          The only sanity is in being completely informed about the consequences of our actions through rational examination of science.
          To Morya's question: Corporations and Governments are not designed to take responsibilities. They need to be replaced by Co-operatives run by direct democracy.
      • Dec 9 2013: Morya, you are an angel sent from... where even angels come from. Morya I am retired and still pretty healthy so I probably have a good many years left on this planet and I only have two things to do before I leave. 1) Get as many people as possible on a raw plant based diet and 2) Get the as many people as possible to adapt "If I break it, I fix it" as the guiding principle of their life.

        I looked over pose and I love your intentions and encourage you to continue that wonderful and sorely need project. Business is about problem solving and if you have already read my quotes you will have seen many that apply to problem solving in fact most of them in one way or another are about problem solving. If you find any that you like feel free to use them and make them your own. I believe in sharing everything. I was naked when I came hear and will be naked when I leave, the key to my happiness is to learn to live naked while I am here. The Buddha put it this way:
        "Nirvana is this moment seen directly. There is no where else than here. The only gate is now. The only doorway is your own body and mind. There’s nowhere to go. There’s nothing else to be. There’s no destination. It’s not something to aim for in the afterlife. It’s simply the quality of this moment."
        Paramhansa Yogananda said “Wanting is pain”
        Although that is pretty simple I believe it sums it up very well. Anytime I base my happiness on stuff I will be in pain, simply because stuff comes and goes and is not real.
        Einstein said "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one" that's what he was talking about, "stuff". The only thing that is real is your soul and it has always existed and always will. This world reality will come and go in the winking of an eye. It is just a gift, an experience for your soul to be able to walk and talk in a body for short while. I am not sure why I got into all this but I suppose you will know. Love the dark.. Keith
    • Dec 8 2013: No, I am with you. I also see that.
      • Dec 8 2013: I hope most of you understand how pervasive this virus is. "I break it, you fix it" Is the model for: countries, governments, corporations, religions, prisons, justice system, hospitals, health organizations, philanthropy, insurance, the list go on and litterly everyone is involved, it is even taught in our schools and universities. It's taught by our parents..
        When you roll down the window in your car and throw that cigarette butt out or your trash, that's "I break it, you fix it". Graffiti is "I break it, you fix it". Vandalism and crimes no matter how small are "I break it, you fix it". All those little things that we do wrong and then don't correct are forming a habit of "I break it, you fix it" so that when others do it to us we just accept it as we have to because we are just as guilty... It is a virus that has spread to every aspect of our lives and is slowly choking us to death. It is us telling the planet, I am not responsible!
        I am not responsible for killing 150 billion animals a year, I am not responsible for the wars, I am not responsible for oil spills, I am not responsible for slavery, I am not responsible for the government corruption, I am not responsible for pollution.. in other words "I break it, you fix it"

        What will be the biggest threat for humanity? APATHY We are our own worst enemy!
        "We have met the enemy and he is us". Pogo author, Walt Kelly

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