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how do you think we can better utilize our intellectual capabilities in this modern age?

Science classifies our species as homo sapien or wise man honouring our minds, our intelligence as a species. But do we effective or even efficiently employ those 6 billion minds our species is now blessed with? No.

The principle forms of employment today simply involve the exchange of labour for wages and the vast majority of those jobs are service, assembly line and office work. Most of which simply involve a body performing repetitive and boring tasks that utilize only a fraction of our intellectual potential. Meanwhile hundreds of millions of equally 'wise men' and 'wise women' are abandoned to subsistence existences simply because their bodies are unemployable.

This "jobs" agenda that our politicians so often champion has only been with us for a few hundred years and was a direct result of the Industrial Revolution which required huge numbers of workers in order to run the machines and maintain the records of commerce.

However, scientific and technological advancements have already replaced human beings in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of labour based employment activities. And online shopping, automation and robotics are poised to take over more and more of our labour based tasks as we move ever forward. .

In other words, there are far more valuable and self-enriching activities human beings, today, can engage their incredible intellectual potential in than simply exchanging their labour for wages. In this Information and Communication Age it seems timely that we look at ways of finally employing all that intellectual capacity that the 6 billion human minds on this planet represent.


Closing Statement from william clegg

We seem to still be split between those who cannot see beyond the status quo of a person's value being derived from their bodies exchanging labour for wages and those who welcome a future where our minds matter more. "know thy self" was a popular theme for the later group with a strong emphasis on a student focused educational system as being most desirable and leading to lives that are mindful and thereby meaningful.

It was most gratifying to see that empowerment, motivation and opportunity came up often as both consequences and purpose in a population that was fully engaging its mental capacities as priorities over simple employment and consumption. Personally I am all for empowerment, personal empowerment, and the premise that all else will benefit thereafter.

However, there was also strong support for the premise that first the political system must change before anything else will and few would disagree that such a change is long overdue. .

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    Dec 23 2013: We can better utilize our intellectual capabilities in the modern age if we use 'modern age' structures to organise. Information Age structures isolate knowledge within hierarchies.

    If we come 'Over the Top' with a distributed network and organise things in the Internet of Everything, we can harness the collective innovation, wisdom and knowledge of the crowd by transcending the structures that isolate, fragment and fail to share or organise intellectual capabilities.

    I entered a "Global Wisdom" hack in the MIX "Unlimited Human Potential Challenge" which provides a good introduction to harnessing intellectual capabilities and wisdom of the crowd by creating "Global Wisdom" in the modern age. It is available at http://www.mixprize.org/hack/global-wisdom .

    Economic evolution means that we use much less resources (including labour) in sectors over time. 25% of the workforce was involved in agriculture. That number is now less than 2%. Information Age workers will follow the same path.

    It may be that society can generate the same output (or standard of living) by applying modern age structures. We then need to consider how we engage the available people to improve society. It would be a waste for these people to not make a contribution to society, their neighbors and families. As suggested we need look at ways of harnessing the wisdom and effort of 6bn people.

    Network Society is emerging by default. People rendered redundant by technology (particularly information workers), need to empowered and utilised in the next stage. We are not redeploying these unemployed for employment in the next stage of economic development. Society and the unemployed are stagnating. Without proactive change, a generation will not make a contribution to the economy (ie output) or society (ie; prosperity). Education Wisdom could retrain the displaced for jobs in the next stage of economic development (a topic for another thread?).
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      Dec 23 2013: Hello Marcus,

      Checked your entry at the link you provided, then your TED profile and must say I'm impressed.
      I would like to show you a few things I believe would have great positive impact on your considerable, much needed and timely project. I have worked almost 20 years in health care and developed something called the HNAQ( holistic needs analysis queue).

      The HNAQ is a fractal key that helps explain the behaviour of certain complex systems and the interdependent relationships we share with every living thing on earth. Yes it's that awesome.

      It's functions are based on the most ubiquitous examples of bio mimicry ever discovered and can be applied in ways limited only by ones imagination to education, business, the life sciences and more.

      The HNAQ is a behavioural process which empowers personal and community growth by:

      1) Rewarding curiosity, invested creativity, initiative, imagination, double loop learning and divergent thinking.

      2) Encouraging us to reflect on, choose and act responsibly with our attitudes towards ourselves, others and our environment.

      3) Allowing us to effectively share, manage, and refine our individual and collective skills.

      4) Permitting us to collaboratively concentrate, validate and disseminate our knowledge in a transparent fashion.

      Let me know if you interested.

      P.s. Let us creat the means whereby 7 billion potential innovators contribute to "The most wise council, unrestrained intellect and the sum of all human knowledge."

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      Dec 23 2013: I like the way Marcus and Wayne are thinking about this topic. Just imagine if only a billion or two were on the same wavelength.
      • Dec 24 2013: I am board with this as well - that makes four, only a few billion more to go.

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