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how do you think we can better utilize our intellectual capabilities in this modern age?

Science classifies our species as homo sapien or wise man honouring our minds, our intelligence as a species. But do we effective or even efficiently employ those 6 billion minds our species is now blessed with? No.

The principle forms of employment today simply involve the exchange of labour for wages and the vast majority of those jobs are service, assembly line and office work. Most of which simply involve a body performing repetitive and boring tasks that utilize only a fraction of our intellectual potential. Meanwhile hundreds of millions of equally 'wise men' and 'wise women' are abandoned to subsistence existences simply because their bodies are unemployable.

This "jobs" agenda that our politicians so often champion has only been with us for a few hundred years and was a direct result of the Industrial Revolution which required huge numbers of workers in order to run the machines and maintain the records of commerce.

However, scientific and technological advancements have already replaced human beings in hundreds, perhaps thousands, of labour based employment activities. And online shopping, automation and robotics are poised to take over more and more of our labour based tasks as we move ever forward. .

In other words, there are far more valuable and self-enriching activities human beings, today, can engage their incredible intellectual potential in than simply exchanging their labour for wages. In this Information and Communication Age it seems timely that we look at ways of finally employing all that intellectual capacity that the 6 billion human minds on this planet represent.


Closing Statement from william clegg

We seem to still be split between those who cannot see beyond the status quo of a person's value being derived from their bodies exchanging labour for wages and those who welcome a future where our minds matter more. "know thy self" was a popular theme for the later group with a strong emphasis on a student focused educational system as being most desirable and leading to lives that are mindful and thereby meaningful.

It was most gratifying to see that empowerment, motivation and opportunity came up often as both consequences and purpose in a population that was fully engaging its mental capacities as priorities over simple employment and consumption. Personally I am all for empowerment, personal empowerment, and the premise that all else will benefit thereafter.

However, there was also strong support for the premise that first the political system must change before anything else will and few would disagree that such a change is long overdue. .

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  • Dec 22 2013: People seem to take it for granted what this modern age has to offer—including internet.
    We so rely on it. Although we face a lot of serious problems(and we know we should fix them), ‘Desperation’ still isn’t the first thing that comes to our minds.
    Many would freak out because of the harsh reality they happen to see, but they’re not desperate enough( not focused enough) to handle the problems.
    To better utilize our brains—intellectual capabilities we need to be more desperate--about solving problems, our dreams and more importantly, ‘evolving’ into better(upgraded)ones.

    What’s really getting better?
    Our intellectual capabilities, or technologies that replace our roles?
    • Dec 22 2013: Aren't we creating enough desperation of our own? Say, by destroying environment and old industrial-age employment?

      There will be a point where many people will have to find a solution. What it is... who knows, but they should better be able to use their capabilities well - or improving them.
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      Dec 23 2013: I believe the gap between what we know needs to be done or fixed and what is actually being done and not fixed is a direct result of the fact we still have top down governments that resemble the tired old monarchies of the past surrounded by modern day wealthy CEO aristocracies.

      One of the most thought provoking Occupy signs I saw read "I heard there would be cake?".

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