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Do Black Representations in Visual Culture effect the outcomes of justice?

I believe this question is hard for some Americans to answer. We know that race effects the justice for African Americans but we defend that it doesn't because we see a handful of African Americans that represent a small percentage that are successful. We tend to think because we have seen some positive images in visual cutlure as Nelson Mandela, Obama, Oprah, Kevin Garnet, Ozwald Boateng and others that race doesn't come into play. Then the case of Trayvon Martin is televised and we the visual representation flashed of negative images that in return effect the outcome of the justice not for Zimmerman but for teh vcitime Trayvon Martin. As a filmmaker it is my responsibility to create an image that will promote unity and not guide individuals of making unconscious decisions because of visual images of the past. That is what needs to be improved in the world.


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    Dec 8 2013: what is your evidence that race affects justice for African Americans? Maybe African Americans just commit more crimes?
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      Dec 9 2013: Thank you for your commnet Greg.
      My evidence that race effects justice for African Americans is plentiful in the media.
      A classic example of race in today's justice system is the Perry vs. New Hampshire case.
      As far as your assumpiton maybe AA's just commit more crimes I'm not going to entertain you today.
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        Dec 10 2013: Yeah, I read most of the Supreme Court decision on Perry v. New Hampshire after you replied to my comment. It did not seem to involve an issue of race particularly. Where do you see racial bias in this case?

        If I look at the incarceration rates for the different races, I do see that a substantially larger percentage of AA's are imprisoned. I guess there are different possible reasons. One possibility might be that they commit more, or more severe, crimes. Another possibility might be that there's some sort of racial bias at work. I guess I can try to research why there is a substantially larger number of AA's in jail or prison. BCB, how do you think I could do the best job of researching this topic, given that I'm not professionally involved in the justice system, I'm not a court worker, or prison worker, or lawyer, or policeman.

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