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To what extent does the fact that governments possess "all" the land to rebuild cities continue to promote war and inequity?

land possesion has been one of the reasons why "war" in Colombia and around the world have displaced, kidnapped and murdered thousands of people. The governments have also been participant in such war. I think proposing this idea thereatens the principle of equity the presenter mentions.Besides, today though I acknwoledge transmilenio permits travelling long distances in a short time, security of passengers has become an issue for the lack of citizen culture as Dr Antanas Mockus highlighted it. In 2013 there are not enough buses either to transport th every day increasing number of Bogota's inhabitants.

  • Dec 15 2013: Think what you will about the right size of government. The speaker is giving very practical advice about ownership of development lands.
    If the land where a beneficial project should be located is privately owned, one of two things is going to happen, and they are both bad.
    1. The private owner gets to cash what should be a public benefit - in which case it may be better to cancel the project
    2. The government expropriates the land at a huge political cost; many times the project loses public support due to the pressure from land owners who use all means available to hold on to the valuable asset, including misinformation campaigns in press, social media etc

    So get there before the development starts and buy the land. Simple and practical.

    I reckon that the case for and against government intervention can be made with passion and good arguments, which is why it will continue to be a matter of ideology (conviction?) for a long time; however in cases like this I think we should listen to people that have tried to do something about inequality and even more to people who have taken action as it's the case of Mr Peñalosa.
    • Dec 19 2013: @Ric - Point 2, the opposite happens in Australia. Currently, in the capital city of Melbourne, the State Government is proceeding with its road building agenda without public and local government support from 23 councils. The East West Link project (which will cost up to $18 Billion in two stages), will turn Melbourne into the next Los Angelas of the world.

      Its been said it is the most expensive and largest tunnel road project in the world if it goes ahead.

      They have used many resources and propaganda to show this will make a difference to congestion, while road engineers have resigned over this project because it does not make economic, social and environmental sense. Let along is it just to be demolishing half a suburb where people have lived all their lives.

      The good news is the local government that has its residents most affected by the mega road project is fighting against the government

      And community groups and residents around Melbourne and Victoria have created a new campaign
      • Dec 20 2013: Interesting! So the project isn't really socially beneficial but the Provincial government is pressing on?
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    Dec 10 2013: As I mentioned in another post briefly before this one, government is a realization of our more relictual instincts to accumulate resources through force so the fact that governments possess control over land most certainly promotes war and inequality.