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Debating:The harm(s) attributed to Pharmaceutical v.s. Cannabis treatments of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Etc etc...

SSRI's come with a long list of side-effects. The most severe being kidney damage, and severe depression. Although a vast number of people are currently medicated with such drugs.

Do you think doctors that are prescribing their patients SSRI's, should recommend a trial of cannabis? In replacement of pharmaceuticals?



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  • Dec 23 2013: To the question at hand, I was lucky enough to chose a rather efficient SSRI when I was 18. I had few side effects, and it seemed to work well enough to get me back into life. I watched my sisters not have such luck in their quest, ending up in jail, abusing boyfriends, abusing themselves.

    We all medicate with cannabis now. Some of us more than others, as needed. Personally, since learning of CBD, I feel that I've regained quite a bit of mental clarity and acuity that I could sense was slipping while on SSRIs and combined with a nasty drinking habit. That is one big thing, when I use cannabis regularly, it's wildly successful at calming other habits. The use of CBD has actually helped lower my recreational use of cannabis! It helps cure its own "addiction" lol

    I also use a cannabis lotion that is AMAZING for wrinkles... but that's another story.

    I believe that doctors, and patients, need to open themselves up to the idea of cannabis in addition to their meds, BUT ONLY with informative, tested material. Unfortunately, with so many options, lack of information, and the personalized approach needed, it's hard for many to adequately apply cannabis to their ailments.
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      Dec 29 2013: Nice comment Lisa thank you!

      Aside from the plethora of non-medical, non-official information/documentation, available in the internet. There is a definite Lack of solid, clear-cut information supporting THC & CBD benefits. Short term and long.

      It is partly the purpose of this conversation; to stimulate the discussion, and generate the energies needed in order to achieve the desired research and thus implementation of cannabis as alternative treatment.

      Funny I don't think a doctor would recommend smearing hash oil on ones face, as I do believe it would be grounds for dismissal at most work places. However, personally, perhaps your on to something: You should give Vichy a call ;-p

      But seriously once again thanks for your comment!
      Best of wishes towards any nasty habits!

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