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Debating:The harm(s) attributed to Pharmaceutical v.s. Cannabis treatments of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Etc etc...

SSRI's come with a long list of side-effects. The most severe being kidney damage, and severe depression. Although a vast number of people are currently medicated with such drugs.

Do you think doctors that are prescribing their patients SSRI's, should recommend a trial of cannabis? In replacement of pharmaceuticals?



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    Dec 12 2013: You cannot monopolise the commodity and for rural people it is the only source of income...
    I work with indigenous plant medicine including cannabis...
    From a realistic view ... No-one cares about the medicinal property and there interest i More recreational... Because it's so easy to grow how you going to regulate, uses, quality, quantity
    While you growing can abus ... Natural plant environments are being destroyed and indigenous plant are being extinct...
    it's easy to grow, it's a weed..
    What would happen if cannabis cures???
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      Dec 12 2013: Au contraire mon ami~

      "From a realistic view ... No-one cares about the medicinal properties".

      I dunno if you've noticed or not...but there is a surge of Cannabis culture that has STEMMED from the medicinal use of Cannabis.

      Is seems as though the "cannabis product monopoly" is just... itching... to be taxed by the government. Just the same as alcohol & cigarettes (in Canada). Only thing is that; this "recreational" product, has HUGE potential at earning its name in the pages of medical text books, for superseding the effectiveness of pharmaceuticaly harmful drugs
      • Dec 23 2013: History will look back on this as a "dark age" against cannabis and proper health procedures. I completely agree. Anyone who doesn't should look into Charlotte, and Dr. Gupta's special WEED

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