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Debating:The harm(s) attributed to Pharmaceutical v.s. Cannabis treatments of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Etc etc...

SSRI's come with a long list of side-effects. The most severe being kidney damage, and severe depression. Although a vast number of people are currently medicated with such drugs.

Do you think doctors that are prescribing their patients SSRI's, should recommend a trial of cannabis? In replacement of pharmaceuticals?



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    Dec 12 2013: Having had a self harming OCD from an unheard of age, suicidal depression from around 14, then a pick'n'mix of addictions then finally overcoming all of these challenges without professional or pharma help, I'm going to take a risk and contribute to this discussion.

    On the day I was going to 'turn out the lights', I went for my last-hope interview with a specialist who was about to start a pilot programme for depression sufferers. After filling out the multitude of forms and then some, I went in for the interview then after all the questions, he finally said, and I quote..."I'm sorry Mrs Miles (my name at the time) but you're a little TOO depressed for this programme". I kid you not! He went on to offer me names of professionals who might be able to help me but I was too stunned to take any notice.

    I walked out into the carpark and surprised myself when I started laughing so hard that my stomach hurt and I was doubled over with tears and snot streaming out of my face. It was then that I realised that only I could dig myself out of the hole I called home.

    Having gone down the conventional path of professionals and their pharmaceuticals, I decided to opt for self medicating with minimal doses of LSD and marijuana. Because I changed the focus of my drug intake from escapism to healing and insight, I had spectacular results almost immediately. It was like a part of my brain opened up to show me things I normally didn't see(or actively blocked out).
    I could give examples but I've only got 437 characters to go!

    Over time I got really slick at knowing exactly how much of what to take and the most favourable conditions to maximise the learning potential.

    I've been Everything free for years now and I can say, without question, that it was because of the self managed use of illegal drugs.

    I'm not anti prescribed medication because I've seen it work on others, but some of us more sensitive 'thinkers' suit mind altering drugs for mind affected issues.
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      Dec 12 2013: Phonominal!

      Thank you for that story Eleanor!

      Thank you!
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        Dec 18 2013: A quick side note though Oliver...I participated in a Malaghan Institute study on the effects of cigarette and marijuana consumption and results showed I had the beginnings of emphysemia despite my never having smoked a cigarette in my life. However, because my marijuana consumption was so minimal, they couldn't be sure whether it was because of that or second hand cigarette smoke.
        • Dec 28 2013: your emphysemia migh not have anything to do with cigarette or marijuana use but from enviromental depending on where you live or use to live its just easyer to blame the other

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