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Transhumanism: dangerous or visionary ?

Transhumanism is a loosely defined movement promoting the interdisciplinary approach to understanding the opportunities for enhancing the human condition and the human organism through technological means.


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  • Dec 9 2013: I think that a surgically altered human is fine but if the enhancements are performed on children I would be concerned. On the other hand we already install cochlear implants in infants so they can hear.

    I think that trans-humanism is preferable for existing individuals while eugenics would be preferable for the advancement of the species.

    I am personally not a great fan of either and I really do not like the idea of having robots replacing humans.
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      Dec 9 2013: As I mentioned in another post, transhumanism isn't only about robotics but all technologies that might help to improve humanity.
      Beside, robots are already used in many areas. Perhaps they don't call attention because in general they don't look human. Take for example the car industry. It runs mostly with robots doing the job.

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