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Are we too harsh on our politicians or leaders?

We expect cent percent righteous behavior of our politicians, every unsuccessful action of theirs in highlighted and if any decision of theirs backfires, we do not expect or encourage them to make it right. With elections nearing, they are left with justifying their wrongdoings (since accepting their mistakes wont help them get votes).
Can we encourage a model where leaders who have failed in some decisions or policies (which they have not done intentionally, and can be repaired) get a chance, can we change our outlook and not forget their bigger and very helpful contributions?


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  • Dec 10 2013: your right hypocrisy in the citizens is the reason we get hypocritical leaders.

    people who live with and true an open loving heart, who are sincere wont go into politics, that's the arena of the liars, cheaters, power hungry people.

    people with this mind set, who totally lost themselves into the political games and lost all sincerity (truth inside them), will keep screwing up our lives till there will emerge a new system.

    democracy is the worst system except for the ones we have already tried.

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