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Are we too harsh on our politicians or leaders?

We expect cent percent righteous behavior of our politicians, every unsuccessful action of theirs in highlighted and if any decision of theirs backfires, we do not expect or encourage them to make it right. With elections nearing, they are left with justifying their wrongdoings (since accepting their mistakes wont help them get votes).
Can we encourage a model where leaders who have failed in some decisions or policies (which they have not done intentionally, and can be repaired) get a chance, can we change our outlook and not forget their bigger and very helpful contributions?


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    Dec 10 2013: Yes,

    I'm a politician and in my system I can never be blamed as long as I do as my voters want me to. If I don't I'm obliged to resign and if I don't do that I'll be stripped of power by the ones I've betrayed.

    And it'll happen fast, no 4 year terms here.

    Basically the power lies with the people, and I just do as they say. And the ones voting for me are the ones who think I'm a good representative for them, so it's really easy.
    • Dec 10 2013: I Like it...... I like it a lot!
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        Dec 10 2013: I'm still waiting for a party from the US to come join http://www.e2d-international.org/ but most seem to have the direct notion that "it sounds great but would never work, at least not in the US"

        Here's a little more on how it (liquid democracy) works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg0_Vhldz-8

        And here's how you start a party (not sure if applicable to the US) http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Political-Party

        • Dec 10 2013: Good work Jimmy, I checked it all out and I will give it some consideration. Thanks for all the info and hard work you have done and passed on. By the way, if everybody does not think it will work in the USA, then that's a pretty good indication that it will, just not as they envision it!
          I am not a politician or an activist, I am just a brain trust. If I like what you are doing I will help but in the background, waaaay in the background. I already have my life's work cut out for me.
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        Dec 10 2013: In this system you're allowed to work from the background... But people need a framework to gather and at present there isn't one for the US.

        Maybe you could just influence some people to do this for you, for all of you.
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          Dec 10 2013: Hi Jimmy, thanks for sharing on 'liquid democracy'. I'm sorry to know of the constraints you face, the little flexibility with your voters' choice/demands.
          Has it happened ever then that you contradicted their demands/expectation?
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        Dec 10 2013: Oh, and I really didn't want to be a politician either... I wanted to be a scientist... But I wanted to do science to do good for humanity, then I realized that it doesn't matter what I invent if the policies were wrong, and the best thing I could do for science and humanity is to enable others to do the things I wanted to do...

        I too consider myself a brain-trust... I just want to learn and share that knowledge...
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        Dec 10 2013: Sai,

        I don't see them as constraints at all, I'm just a small part of the whole, If my particular view isn't convincing enough people are and should be free to choose another representative at any time, or alter some aspects of what I suggest. And they do. I've willingly become of a part of this system and it's something that I'm trying to build as I think that it will empower people to be empowered.

        No, it has never happened, but on the other hand my party doesn't yet have any political power at all, so I haven't even been able to vote as they please yet. Not in a way that "counts" anyway...

        In my model we don't have a few leaders, everyone that wishes to be a leader or representative can be that instantly, and anyone can quit whenever.

        I don't see it as little flexibility, I see it as voters actually getting their say, and I shouldn't be the one speaking for them, I should only be passing their vote to make it count.

        I know that it's hard to grasp for many what this system is about, it's not about your elected knowing better then the people I can tell you that.

        I have 1 vote and if someone chooses to give their vote to me I have 2.
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      Dec 10 2013: Could you remind me what your political office is now?
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        Dec 10 2013: I am party secretary of AD (active democracy) it's a huge role, traditionally second only to the chairman.

        But my party has no political power (yet)...
    • Dec 16 2013: what about media. who has the biggest coin can advertise them selfs and kind of cheat mentally weak mass and then get more power. and i think this has happened long time. sorry didnt read all the comments yet but frank barry made the longer version already.
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        Dec 16 2013: I think that social media might be the solution to that, we're not that dependent on traditional media anymore...

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