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Are we too harsh on our politicians or leaders?

We expect cent percent righteous behavior of our politicians, every unsuccessful action of theirs in highlighted and if any decision of theirs backfires, we do not expect or encourage them to make it right. With elections nearing, they are left with justifying their wrongdoings (since accepting their mistakes wont help them get votes).
Can we encourage a model where leaders who have failed in some decisions or policies (which they have not done intentionally, and can be repaired) get a chance, can we change our outlook and not forget their bigger and very helpful contributions?


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  • Dec 10 2013: We are not harsh enough.

    United States Politicians and Political Party Leaders have used their positions and our taxes
    to control the Government. Not that they are all a bunch of crooks.
    They are not that.

    But, "the 2 party system" does not reflect the will of the people.

    I ask you consider -- Each Political Party's functions.
    Each Political Party has a Leadership.
    Mostly, both Party's Leaders are Retired Politicians.

    These Leaders select the Candidates for the high offices, years before any campaign begins.
    They interview the Candidates, raise the monies, and use paid media, and polls to bring the
    Candidates and Party Members together, and begin the spotlighting of their selections.

    Finally after long campaigns, debates, and conventions, the most popular of the Candidates
    are put on the ballots. The electors vote.

    The result -- A very few people from 2 Parties have selected the Leader for 350,000,000 Americans.

    It does not matter which Candidate wins.
    Both Party Leadership's (A very few people) split the Government.

    The People only had the choices of a very few people to choose from.

    If the selectors of Candidates are evil, or make bad selections, our Government will reflect that.
    And has.

    63 Wars and counting. 45 years of NSA development.
    This Century, loss of Privacy and Freedom. Gains of Secrets, Spies and Surveillances.
    Somehow, I blame the selectors of Candidates.
    • Dec 10 2013: Not to mention that with the electoral college it only takes a dozen people to elect a president! I want the outdated electoral college abolished so my vote will really count, we are not in the horse and buggy days anymore. I don't give a damn how Iowa votes, we should all vote at the exact same time and know instantly who is president. Instead of stringing it out for hours, days or even weeks for more commercial time as has been done in the past. As for the people in Hawaii... well their vote has not counted in years if ever, by the time their vote is counted the president has already been selected, acceptance speech done and the president is drunk and rounding his third party already. How do you think they feel about voting???
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      Dec 10 2013: Hi Frank, I am surprised to know of the level of unfairness that you've mentioned. Until now I had thought of it to be one of the fairest systems: http://cnn.it/18RxkRD

      I hope we can learn from http://onforb.es/1gVORYF

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