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Is humanity able to solve important questions?

Looking at the outcome of the recent climate conference in Poland one has to wonder if humanity is able to solve important Questions/Problems. And climate change is only one example of the current inability which shows also in the starvation of millions of people in the world. I am getting the impression that the Bottom-up Mentality of NGOs and alike does not lead to solutions, but I would be more than happy to be proven wrong.

What causes this inabilitiy? How we could get rid of it?

  • Dec 29 2013: I believe humanity to be capable of solving its own created problems. That is, those by-products of human civilisation that are also detrimental to it. I believe human beings can solve the great questions as well. However to do this in a significant way requires creativity and in the case of social problems an ability to set aside selfish desires and act in the common good. This, I believe to be the most difficult thing to do when most of society is being pushed in the opposite direction.
  • Dec 10 2013: Answer: Follow the money...
    Solution: Stop following the money
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    Dec 9 2013: polio, famines, fast travel, moon landing, internet. yeah, but what problems did we solve *lately*?
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    Dec 9 2013: Yes, because of the good part of humanity, we have developed our human world a lot in living conditions.......
  • Dec 9 2013: Governments are mostly elected or consented by individuals in the humanity. Therefore, the root cause of the inability of solving all these global problems is really originated from the imperfection of the humanity itself. Also, even if most of the "government leaders are morally perfect (I rather doubt it), still when the majority of the humans only think about their self-interest, the UN or other international bodies really can't carry out their missions anyway. The over-population and global warming agenda are just two of the many problems.
  • Dec 8 2013: Its because humanity isn't a homogenous block, nor does it have a single governing body. Instead, you have a million different groups, government, civilian and corporate, all with conflicting interests, some of which absolutely hate each other.

    Its sort of like the joke of how the camel came about--a committee was in charge of designing a horse.
    Our global problems are the result of the biggest committee of them all, and its not just the UN I'm talking about.