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Why do immigrants, who have high hopes, continue to be disappointed upon their arrival?

Immigration is quite simply the most controversial, yet least understood, topic in American politics. Immigrants come to this land of opportunity, only to find oppression and discrimination, low-wage jobs that are marred with the title "unskilled labor" (a misnomer if you ask me, as that title fails to encompass the travail that encompasses so called un-skilled labor). Where does this nativism stem? It's hypocritical if you ask me, as when the economy is booming and unemployment is low, immigrants are welcomed with arms wide open. On the contrary, when economy is faltering, they're derisively advised to go back to where they came from. Even more unsettling, the nativists who balk about American this and that fail to recognize a core fact: we are all immigrants. The only people, then, who have a right to balk about Americanism and immigrants corrupting American values (which are the summation of all immigrant values) are the Native Americans

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