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Using drones to carry out supplies and provide help.

I know this has probably been thought of before, but the question resides in when will it happen?
Its easy to see how far we've gone, just look at the video. Its amazing. I see drones such as these and the Parrot 2.0 and wonder why they arent putting them to use?
Sure, Amazon has their drone program to deliver goods, so does Pizza Hut in the UK, but when will the drones actually be used to carry medical supplies from base to base or villiage in Africa? When will they be used to find survivors in earthquakes and tsunamis?
I understand that certain things are too heavy to carry, but drones are capable of amazing things, and these are only the ones weve seen!

Im sure governments have programs to design drones, but basically for espionage (naturally). They SHOULD make a program to develop drones and technology to HELP people, to SAVE people. There are drones with WiFi, radio, 1080p cameras, and drones like these, but surely there is much more being made behind the curtain.
Other robots are being designed to help in situations such as the ones mentioned, but none have really been seen in action, though they have proved their capabilities.

I believe there must be a technological development program made by an organization with support by robotics, aviation and technological organizations to develop and provide drones to support people in need around the world.


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  • Dec 8 2013: Thanks for responding and giving your points of view!

    Well after reading what you have said it is probably a bad idea to put drones to the risk of being captured, especially by people like terrorists or pirates.

    As to who can make the drones, i agree, the military definitely wouldnt help, but maybe private companies would, or maybe something like the UN global security.

    On the topic of disasters, i do believe it is convenient to use drones in that area, especially in the searching for survivors and getting supplies to them while they are rescued, since drones arent close to carrying humans yet.

    There are motorbikers in Isreal and Palestine (theres a TED video) who deliver supplies and medicine and medical attention to people who call for the ambulance. THese people are volunteers and they keep the person alive until the ambulance gets there. I think a similar system should be used wth drones. They find survivors and help them until better help arrives.

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