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Don't you think that Christmas lights waste huge energy ?

For the whole Christmas period, streets and houses will brighten up with various decorations, tinsels and trees… Around the world and especially on Strasbourg which is called the world’s capital of Christmas, colorful lights and decorations are everywhere. Cities are enchanting and tourists are coming in million…

Apart from being very expensive, don’t you think that it depicts huge energy consumption?
Thinking about the total amount of bulbs illuminated should be afraid you !
Moreover, outdoor municipal public skating rinks will be opened to entertainment people. But it needs a larger cooling system to keep the ice at the right temperature. Energy wasteful again !

What do you think about it ? Does Christmas period need so much electricity or can we reduce it ?


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    Dec 9 2013: While I can accept your premise, I find it far more egress that so many more 'kill a tree for Christ'. Talk about a stupid tradition in light of what we are collectively doing to our environment. This one is truly insane.

    Use a live tree for Christ's sake and then replant it....
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      Dec 9 2013: Very good point!
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      Dec 10 2013: Use a live tree for Christ's sake and then replant it……

      I have tried that several years ago, and got two 4’ trees.
      The ball of the tree made it too big and heavy to fit through the doorway. Ended up planting them and using fake trees in the house, it worked out for the best they are both about 60’ tall now.

      And as for those cut trees, they generally go into mulch and compost and thus the CO2 gets locked into the soil, and not burned and returned to the air. And tree farmer to plant new trees every year, so every tree cut there are several being grown to replace it.
      The only ones that I think are a waste are the city and national governmental 60’+ tall cut trees.
      There is no reason they should not just plant a tree and let it grow bigger and be decorated every year. And let it stay there undecorated the rest of the year.

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