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If you had two weeks to live, and no limitations (resources, not super powers) what would you do and why?

We are a class of 8th graders and the topic of mortality has come up and we are wondering what people would do to make their last two weeks meaningful. Throw ethics and morals aside akin to the purge, or retain those values and spend time with family and friends?

  • Dec 5 2013: Well you can't take it with you so I would see to it that everybody I know get's everything they need before I am gone.

    Basically what I have been doing all my life, some people call it teaching, I call it sharing.
  • Dec 8 2013: I would continue doing what I am doing now, volunteer work, teaching and research. If I am lucky, find a project to finish in 2 weeks.

    As a side note, you might check out Ikiru by Kurosawa about a man who finds out he has a short time to live and how he spends his time.
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    Dec 7 2013: I would do what I would want and expect others to do, fix all the problems in the world. You know the whole feed and cloth everyone, but I'd take it a mile further.
  • Dec 5 2013: So one gets a little time to live...
    ... what would one do and why?

    be bad because one is going to die soon? and it really doesn't matter what one does
    be good because one is going to die soon? and it really does matter what one does

    Then again this situations stated one had two weeks to live ... who knows what will actually happen next... will one have to live with the ramifications of whatever one choose to do during that period of time for a long long time to come?

    what would I like to hold as meaningful that last instant of the allotted time? something good I did or something else? To me the answer is evident; be good spend time with family and friends doing worthwhile fun stuff

    Whatever one does in that short time will last for an eternity, regardless of the fact one is able to appreciate it oneself or not! Of course the same is true of every action we take every instant we live. I say: in life each determines the ways one would like to be forevermore. So would someone want to exists in a place with bad ethics and bad morals akin to the purge or would one prefer to exists within good ethics and preferable values? To me the answer seems self evident.

    An underlying question just below the surface is why would individuals do different things rather than just choose to do the same action? Some choose to do bad stuff and leaving a mess rather than doing good stuff and leaving a good trail behind them. Again when one looks back what would one want to see as their legacy for others to experience?

    Finally what are the implications for this moment in time what will each choose to share and sow ? Smile, you are in candid camera for the whole universe to see! Yes what each does does matter and sets in motion a slew of events...
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    Dec 5 2013: Check this out:

    It tells the story of a real man who was going to die in 6 weeks time - how he copes, deals with life, deals with death and comes to term with reality.
  • Dec 5 2013: I wouldn't tell the truth to a group of 6th graders. Thney deserve better.