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Can we ever be free of the caustic influences of fundamentalism?

The fundamentalist is one who is fixated upon the rigid, strict and literal interpretations of a particular belief or practice. The fundamentalists use circular reasoning to support their rightness by believing themselves to be morally right and they are righteous in the belief of being right.

As a consequence, their righteousness of 'being morally right' then allows them to see all those who disagree as heretics and potential enemies deserving of their scorn, contempt and even violence in the most extreme cases.

Most are familiar with the religious fundamentalists that can be found in every religion ever devised and who have been behind so many of the atrocities perpetrated in the name of religion and religious rightness. .

But few people are aware of the political fundamentalists found on both the left and right of the political spectrum who keep fanning the flames of conflict in society and who, once in office go out of their way to destroy whatever good the other party might have accomplished..

The economic woes besetting the planet today are a direct result of the adherents of Milton Friedman's economic philosophy which has been summed up as "greed is good' while ignoring all the criminal and corrupt adherents that have exploited this particular belief system.

Of course, the majority of people would rather seek common ground and compromise over conflict and strife. But invariably it is the fundamentalists that want to incite conflict and who seek to inflict their narrow-minded rigidity upon the rest of us, making them no less dangerous to human populatons than any other infectious disease. .


Closing Statement from william clegg

I think Frank Bierbrauer put it best "I believe that fundamentalists of all forms will be around as long as people believe themselves either be superior or possess superior knowledge to that of others". In other words, humanity's inherent arrogance may well be its greatest failing.

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    Dec 25 2013: Active listening is a “ Gift “. " ? "

    “ It is not what our message does to the listener, but, what the listener does with our message, that determines our success as communicator or not ” (Mackay 1998).

    warm regards to All,
    • Dec 25 2013: Lamb Lamb

      Yes listening is a Gift! To me active listening involves the listener guiding the speaker towards the realizations the listener knows.

      Defining the success of our communication based on what the others choose to do; presently seems to me to cede, shift and give to the other a power than doesn't belong to them. In other word: It is what our message does to the listener, AND, what the listener does with our message, that determines our success as communicator! The failure to communicate may reside in us or in them or in a combination of the two or even in other stuff! Like wise the success to communicate may reside in: a) what we do, b) what they do c) what they do and what we do d) some other stuff e) a combination of all of them.

      determines our success as communicator is determined by actually commenting!

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      Dec 25 2013: Too bad those responsible for funding schools and developing curriculums seem to be so desperately lacking in that active listening skill themselves.

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