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What makes us xenophobic?

How do you see the xenophobia in your everyday life? Do you think it's natural or is something the mass media teaches us? Who wins if people hate each other?
How do you treat different people? (cultural, racial, bodyshape, sexuality)

And do you think we're capable of accepting aliens, if we cannot accept our neighbors ?


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    Dec 9 2013: This is a good oneā€¦.do our ancestral evolutions keep us from loving and understanding each other? will it affect the way we encounter aliens?
    I believe the answer will come down to which evolutionary trait we choose to keep. A fear from other peoples, from other places was advantageous to the survival of a medium sized community. These xenophobic tendencies prevented such things as disease and possible raids. There also was a time when these small villages, grew into towns and empathetic tendencies helped towns thrive and progress by welcoming people of all kinds. Xenophobia and Empathy, only some of evolution's gift to us, which will we choose? Do we keep our habit -forming tendencies or do we embrace our love of variety and new experiences? Do we keep our love of stories and happy endings or do we submit to our insatiable need for truth and knowledge? do we keep our lust for violence, whether it be sports or war or do we accept each other as brothers and sisters( something we've always known)? Declaring the planet and all of her resources common heritage for all who inhabit her can be a first step in changing our views of the planet and each other.

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