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Will things ever be equal?

Will there ever be equality in this world or will humans always find some factor to try and differentiate themselves as the better "gender, race,educated person, from a better country" at any given instance. Is it in our natue to do so? A survival instict perhaps to give you an edge to compete in life?


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  • Dec 5 2013: "Equality" is man's own creation in response to fear and anxiety over rejection. We are only "unequal" if we believe we are. There really is no such thing as equality, it's just part of a person's own mental "imagination".

    No one wants to be equal. We purposely make ourselves unique by the way we dress, act, our religious beliefs, our hairstyle, etc.. We pride ourselves in being who we are, we don't condemn ourselves for NOT being the same as someone else.

    It has and always will be just an ego power-struggle. We don't want equality, we want to argue and fight, we want to be the alpha, we want to be powerful, to have control. And that is just human nature.

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