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How can the average citizen stop crime?

In the city where I live in the police is quite corrupt and many crimes go unpunished. Their response time is also terrible. As a result I began to think that the answer to crime and drug dealing does not lie within our government, but among us, the citizens. So I would like to know, do you know of any way for the average citizen to stop (or help stop) crime?

It doesn't matter if it's at the local, state or national level or if you suggest individual or collective acts, any suggestions will help. Thank you in advance.


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    Dec 6 2013: no prison population....but I speak to homeless,as well as buy them food,coffee,occasional sleep overs,verify their experiences...regarding "criminals" spent alot of time with 3 sets of boys ages13 to 21..who were left at home alone with no parents...in large houses ,just no parents..filthy weird homes with doberman dogs and gangster culture...,talked to and consoled biker gang females,and had serious conversations on police conduct with male bikers as well as encouraged them into my favourite lifestyle...artists...hung out with prostitutes,dragqueens,strippers and talked about ethics,womens rights,the laws..heard their stories of rape and alienation..invited addicts into my home and allowed them showers and a change of clothes and listened to how they got there..the list is really long....and I was learning the whole time,collecting stories and trying to feel the pattern to this form of brutality that erases ones desire to feel..humane..REALLY its all around us,,a form of disconnection in which terrible things or even cultural oversights push people into ways of being,,,so in fear we all avoid them..but then something even worse may occur..so I try to pay attention and wont allow my horror to rule my behaviour..and I will connect..I learn about other peoples nightmares and give advice in context from their perspective,with a new angle..it would sound like this e.g. I cant believe that happened to you. wow..I have had that experience in some form(fill in allegory here) and I learnt this..Did you know the history of this event,unfairness,ect .I suspect this event first was intiated from this time period,(fill in date,country)..it used to be this(give example) and here is the best idea of all ..fill in reference to best cultural habit(any time period is appropriatea) .....I also will bow and place my hand on my heart when greeting or leaving..its a sign of respect and while it is not popular,this act say I am commited to seeing the best in you and defines intent
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      Dec 6 2013: I understand now. When Rodrigo asked, I was visualizing violent crime. I don't think of the homeless, drag queens, prostitutes, and certainly not bikers as being particularly prone to serious crime., But you are right that Rodrigo asked his question more generally.
      • Dec 6 2013: Although I did not specify what type of crime I was talking about I was thinking about violent crime when I wrote it too. But Carolyn here has opened my mind to think of other forms of crime that may also trigger violent behaviour in the future and are often times dwarfed by that same violent crime . So Carolyn, since you have already told us that your lifestyle may not suit everyone, what is there that can be done by ordinary people to support people like you? Your job is truly admirable, by the way, not many people would do that even if they had the guts to.

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