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How can the average citizen stop crime?

In the city where I live in the police is quite corrupt and many crimes go unpunished. Their response time is also terrible. As a result I began to think that the answer to crime and drug dealing does not lie within our government, but among us, the citizens. So I would like to know, do you know of any way for the average citizen to stop (or help stop) crime?

It doesn't matter if it's at the local, state or national level or if you suggest individual or collective acts, any suggestions will help. Thank you in advance.


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    Dec 6 2013: Rodrigo, First of all you know your city of 1,242,000 much better than I do. Since Santa Fe providence abuts the capital providence let me guess ... a lot of drug traffic and growth occurs in your providence. These are very influential and dangerous people. That there is some form of corruption is very believable. That delays are frequent would lend me to believe that assurances are being made that no "toes" are being stepped on. As you suggest vigilante justice may be the answer ... however I urge you to think this through. First it is against the law ... second it would pit you against the authorities ... and third it would be open season for all involved for the drug lords if it in any way interfered with their enterprise. If that happened the response time would go to zero from the authorities. I cannot provide you with a easy quick answer because there is none ... however I do know that you cannot break the law to enforce the law.

    The legal process is slow and will require support of elected officials to weed out the police offenders ... however, to do this a new deal will be struck with the drug lords ... to move their operations so as to not impact the locals. Over time this can be done. With the drug dealers outside of the city the response times will get better and better.

    The best advice I can offer is that the process is slow and to be very careful. People who have power and egos do not like to have their apple carts turned over ... they tend to get even.
    • Dec 6 2013: You have proposed quite realistic concerns Robert. I haven't actually thought about these issues before, but here are some of my conclusions after thinking a bit about them:

      -Vigilante justice is certainly against the law and I agree with you: it is not an option. Perhaps a different approach is possible. I've seen a few neighbourhoods where some signs have been posted that say: "Watch out. Neighbours on the look out." meaning that they each watch their back. Maybe this concept could be applied to more neighbourhoods, where citizens are ready to call the police in case something happens. Of course, cooperation from the police would be necessary.

      -It's nearly impossible to get anything done without the support of the authorities, as you say. Therefore whatever solution is drafted, it mustn't interfere with them. A change of authorities will have to take place slowly, discretely and internally.

      -Lastly, it's for sure that the druglords will target whoever tries to shake their business. However, what can they do if the movement has no real leader? Just a collective soul? I heard of a neighbourhood that gathered together and completely dismantled a drug "bunker" (that's how they are called here) all on their own after waiting for a response from the police for months. They simply went there and started tearing it down with hammers.

      I would like to know what you think of these three conclusions. Oh, and thank you, you added a lot to the conversation!
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        Dec 7 2013: It really all boils down to a change in the administration and the police. Don't sell the drug people short. They know more than you think ... they have eyes and ears everywhere.

        They do not care if the movement has a leader or not ... they would take someone at random ... torture, question, and kill him or the whole family as a lesson to everyone.

        I repeat do not underestimate them.

        Do some research and find out if there are any areas that have been reclaimed from corruption and or drug dealers .... how ... results .... any follow up stories.

        As in all things ... do your homework ...

        Be well. Bob.

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