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How can the average citizen stop crime?

In the city where I live in the police is quite corrupt and many crimes go unpunished. Their response time is also terrible. As a result I began to think that the answer to crime and drug dealing does not lie within our government, but among us, the citizens. So I would like to know, do you know of any way for the average citizen to stop (or help stop) crime?

It doesn't matter if it's at the local, state or national level or if you suggest individual or collective acts, any suggestions will help. Thank you in advance.


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    Dec 5 2013: Here is one approach: http://cureviolence.org/
    • Dec 5 2013: I've heard about that approach but I had completely forgotten about it. Thank you! My only doubt about it is if it can be applied to a whole city instead of just a neighbourhood. Here there are some neighbourhoods you don't want to get into, of course, but the criminal acts don't necessarily happen within them. They may take place in plain daylight or at midnight, in the city centre or when you are parking your car at home. I guess it's worth further research...
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        Dec 5 2013: When you asked what citizens could do, I didn't realize you were interested only in citywide initiatives.

        Still I see no reason that a program could not be initiated in which groups of people focus on particular neighborhoods.
        • Dec 6 2013: Oh, no, I was indeed interested in any kind of method, not just citywide ones. I was only wondering. As you say the program could be initiated in neighbourhoods so as to cover the whole city eventually, regardless of how affected they are by crime. It is certainly an idea worth having in mind.

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